Good for the soul – quick fixes for the busy ones

As we are dream chaser, we tend to be focused and stressed, don’t get us wrong, we have weekends to unwind too, only, we have to regenerate our souls a little more quickly because of duty calls. The time we spent with ourselves and self-developing our souls needs to be quality instead of quantity.

Buying a new pair of shoes makes miracles for our mood but the high is short and it won’t make you a better person (only better looking, but it’s not what we are here for, are we?). We’ve made a list of a few quick soul fixers – because we all need to spend time on the beauty that’s going on inside, being pretty inside-out right? 

  • Find comfort in things you love to do (read, go outside, dance, do some yoga) sometimes all you need is to do a little something you enjoy more than anything. pick up the book that makes you feel like home, go out for a ride in the countryside, do some gardening, every activity that makes your soul smile and feel inspired is a good one.
  • Do a good deed for someone else, caring for others tends to make us happier, buy someone a coffee, volunteer, help someone when you see the opportunity. Being kind uplifts the soul. 
  • Not having enough time with the ones you love is common that’s why when you have the time it has to be quality time, make the most of every instant, make it special, smile and laugh, keep your promises and be present in the moment.
  • take the time to care about you, you may have a hectic life but you do care better for others when you care for you and vice-versa. Take an instant to feel the rhythm of your heart, give a little love to yourself, appreciate all you’ve done and gone through. Give yourself some recognition for how strong and powerful you have become. 
  • read/ watch some self-development videos or the lives of inspiring people – go back to your basics. It’s called resourcing, going back to your purpose, your why, makes you feel more driven and inspired to be the very best of who you can be. 
  • three words: move, music and shower. Put on your happy playlist, stretch or run or dance and have a bath or a shower. Very little can do you so much good, take that one hour to feel yourself, take a minute to just be a human singing in the shower.
  • sometimes all you need to feel uplifted is to step out of your comfort zone. Do things you’ve never done before, do things that scare you. Feel your heart pound in your ears as you take a leap of faith and take a step into the unknown. Have courage and see how tall you stand after you realize you can do anything.   

Take the time to make your soul sparkle, beautiful minds and bodies should be carrying as much of a beautiful soul. Be healthy, take time to unwind and just breath. 

Dynasty builders inspire others because of their greatness, greatness comes for how sharp your mind is and how kind is your heart. Cultivate your inner beauty so when you do things you are as inspired as you inspire. 

However, sometimes all you need is a nap. 

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