The 3 things that make you successful

Mind – Luck is for losers, unless you some sort of rabbit paw, you might (most probably won’t) get the things you want unless you actually work for them. Success comes to those who move forward, and there are only three things that can make your success as great as it is. 

  • your mentality is your rock. Your mentality is your best companion and shoulder to cry on, your mentality is what drives you. Have the mentality of someone who can be scared to death but is going for it anyway because that is who you are, you do things. Be in the mentality of a learner, be open, catch opportunities, glow in your darkest times, fight when needed, love a lot as much for what you do as for the people who deserve your affection, give your time to what matters. Have the mentality that 24 hours is plenty to change your life, the mentality that every decision matters. Change your mindset means changing your life, be in the mindset of someone in a quest for excellence. Have the mentality that will move you forward instead of giving you doubts. have the mentality of a successful person, because success starts from the inside, it’s not enough to want it, you have to set your entire being on it. 
  • your mentors, to have that mentality of excellence, to strive to be great if not the greatest at what you are you have to make sure the people around you think just as much of you but also see themselves as powerful. Choose the people close to you wisely because they define who you are. The people surrounding you tend to set standards for you, if you don’t look up to people who push you to do your best and give it your all, you’ll settle for less. We don’t get to choose our family, but you get to choose your mentors, your family will be proud of you eventually even if they try to push you backwards at first, if you follow your heart and they see you thriving, they’ll end up being mighty proud. So the ones you can choose, choose them right. Sometimes we don’t have someone right next to us to help us succeed and direct us, someone with such power within themselves to want as much from us, to make us want to be more, that’s why you can always study those who succeeded and still do before you, they did something right. Stay inspired. Remember, you attract people like yourself, or like who you’d want to be, so work on yourself and look for the right friends. 
  • your hard work, as mentioned, luck is for losers. Work hard because it does pay off. If you want it bad enough, then you should work restlessly for it and not stop until you have it. Don’t let anything stop you from being who you want to be and live the life you want to live. Hard work is created by discipline, creativity, desire, determination. Do your best and forget the rest, there is an old military saying that says when you think you can’t anymore, you’re at 40% of what you could accomplish. You have it in you if you would just give yourself the chance to succeed by putting in the work. be someone of action, show the world what you’re made of. 

Success lies within you, the people around you and in your actions, make sure all of these are aligned and you’ll attract the life that you want and the success you’ve yet only been dreaming of. 

Photo by Olga Mironova

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