A list of the essentials to be well-groomed at all times.

Body – Wednesday’s are always a reflection of what we see in the mirror – a reflection of our boldest self. Half the week just passed and if only we exhaled a little more confidence, we’d put ourselves a little more out there. Let’s face it, we are not about to build a reputation of any sort if we slouch on the couch. Sometimes all we need to step outside the house is that little boost of confidence that screams to the universe “ I’m so ready for you.” As seen in our previous article, there are some secrets to always look your best, but the truth is physical beauty also comes into a routine (we know, we sound like a broken record with routines, but we believe that repetition is the secret to success). If physical beauty doesn’t matter all that much once people get to know you, we have to be honest here: class can’t be bought, and being well groomed goes a long way. We may not all be models, but we certainly can make the best of what we got. Here’s a list of everything you should include in your beauty routine over the week for both men and women.

1- showers. oh yeah, it should be mentioned, the secret of looking fresh is in the shower best believe. Cold showers are among others good to stimulate your immune system, increase alertness, cool down, prevent colds, speed up your metabolism, thighten the skin, prevent hair loss and anti-frizz, whilst hot showers are good to relax your muscles, relieve from fatigue and stress, release toxins and clean the skin properly by opening its pores.

2- Skin. Both face and body shouldn’t be skipped on any day. Go for the SPF, the hydrating cream, the exfoliation and the full cleanse. Skin is so important, obviously, no skin is perfect, but taking care of it will make a big difference in the way you look AND feel. your skin is your envelope, and you only have one envelope, take good care of it. 

3- Hair, every hairstyle can be elegant if you just know how to rock it, so hair, no hair, long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight too, they are all very much welcomed in the posh hair club. However, hair has to be clean, or at least look clean (hello, dry shampoo and sleek ponytails). Styling your hair also makes a huge difference, it draws the line between your “ I just woke up” look and your “I look absolutely fabulous” look. Use gel, styling tools if needed, product to make them smooth, whatever works for you. 

4- Hairs – growth and grooming. Body hairs are a bit of a taboo, although there seem to be two clans: the “ I love my hairs” and the “ I want to get rid of them.” No matter which clan you claim to be in, both are fine. Body hairs are nothing to be ashamed about, wanting to get rid of them is just as good as wanting to keep them, however, whether you’re on the no hairs clan or the loving my hairs clan, grooming them and growing them properly is a must.

  • growth: olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, anything that revitalises and nourishes your hairs (where wanted/needed) is a huge help, especially on lashes, eyebrows, beards, hair (make sure to wash after though). 
  • grooming: no matter where you stand with your hairs, the goals is to not have it look messy. Your big eyebrows can be bushy, but they have to be clean, just as much as torso hairs, keep it to a clean cut. It’s much more attractive.  

5- Nails –  cuticles oil, files, fortifying care and grooming your nails, whether you keep them short or long, you need to keep them healthy and it applies for men too. Your hands tell a lot about you, having short or unmanicured nails is fine but you have to make sure they look like they are taken care of. Otherwise, it just makes you look particularly scruffy. Nothing more horrifying then someone with dirty looking hands. 

6- Teeth – oral hygiene, please! bad breath is a big no no as much as it is to have dirty teeth. Care for your smile as it is one of the first things you present to someone. You can look for a teeth whitening service if needed, but focus on what you can do at home, which is at least washing your teeth 3 times a day, you can even carry a toothbrush if needed in your bag or some Brushups, for quick wash on the go.

7- Smell – some say you should find your signature smell before your 30, we say you can only cheat when it is a really cold day and you’re in need of some warmth. Find a smell that resembles you, that when you walk into a room full of people, your aroma annonces your presence. Find creams and cleansers that match your personal smell too. You can carry a travel version of your parfume in your car or your bag for some extra hours. 

8- Full body – 

  • it is said and recommended that everyone should at least 12 minutes of physical activity every single day. put yourself a timer, before your shower, do yoga, some abs, go for walk, it doesn’t to be something big or exhausting, the goal is to move. Listen to your body, sometimes, all it wants is a stretch. 
  • massage your body in your shower to help with blood circulation. Your body will thank you and you’ll thank us later. 

We recommend doing some steps every day and others can be left to once or twice a week like grooming your nails or taking care of body hairs, however, you to put in the time to always look well-groomed. 

We hope you feel bolder already and inspired to reach your best self by tweaking a little bit your routine to always look put together and well-groomed.  

Feel free to share your thoughts and share with your boldest friends. 

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