Why when you are a dream chaser you also are a dynasty builder?

Soul – The Vanderbilt’s, the Habsburg’s, the Capetian’s and so many more fought for money, territory, political ideas. Chanel and Schiaparelli fought iconic looks and fashion industry. The Canadiens against the Islanders fighting on skates. They all fought for something building timeless dynasties

Whoever you are, if you’re a dream chaser, you’re bound to be a dynasty builder.

Claim it. It’s your crown on the table. 

It’s not about the money, nor is it about fame, it’s about the change you could bring to your domain to your world – It’s about your name.

Make of your name a house for dreamers of your kind. Make of your name a home for the ones who need to reach their full potential too.

You need the reputation, the notoriety, the determination and the courage. We may not fight over land anymore, but we certainly will fight over what we cherish.

It’s your name that will evoke excellence in your domain and that’s your dynasty : that’s the trace you leave behind, it’s your name your loved one will remember, it’s your name that will inspire others to do better too. 

It’s your name that will mark tenderly a small part of history.

Claim it.

If you’re a dream chaser, remember you’re also a dynasty builder.

If you’re a fighter for your dreams and you are willing to give it your all, you are creating a house of inspiration for those who aim to be dream chasers too.

Your dynasty depends on how ready you are to fight for what you want. 

Your dreams depend on how ready you are to work for what you want.  

The reputation you are currently building is representing you when you can’t be personally attending. 

So make sure you know what your vibe is, your image is, your heart is and your mind is. make sure you have a work ethic. Make sure you stick to your personal values. Built your personal brand, build who you are and always present yourself as so. Don’t slouch, not in your posture and not on your position, hold it carefully, it,s the apple of your eyes. 

Be so true to yourself that it pours the same energy to others, be so flamboyant that the world feels warm around you, let your vibe vibrate so high, that people shiver in your presence. be so unapologetic about you, your dreams and how much you’re going to do and create that no one would ever doubt the sincerity of an “ I’ll get there, don’t you worry”. 

Be your own classic. And start your own dynasty. 

Photo by Oleg Magni

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