Reputation 101 – lessons on how to start to build a reputation, part 1

If reputation seems unimportant to you think again. everyone has one, and it speaks much louder when you’re not around.

To have a proper reputation, you have to know what you want your reputation to be. It’s not about how much you make nor is it about where you presently are in your life, reputation is about what you are, what you project and how you act. Over time, you learn some valuable lessons about the face you show to the world and the reputation that follows, experience builds the character, but some lessons can be learnt beforehand. 

lesson no.1: never underestimate the power of social media on your image. if you don’t have any accounts, it,s saves you from potential tricky experiences, but it also limits the opportunities. Market your accounts to project the person you are/ want to be. As hard as it can sound, fake it until you make it. Don’t invent yourself a life, but project your vision through media. It,s an easy to reach more people and leave a mark. However, don’t ever write or say anything on social media you wouldn’t want to be quoted on. (see here how to build a strong media presence)

lesson no.2: never have a bad mouth. Gossip is low. It shades you as much as the person you are gossiping about. If you do have something to say about someone, make sure it is nice, or find a way to reinforce their good behaviour rather than their bad. Sometimes truth needs to be said, but truth can be said in many ways and the best way is not harshly. 

lesson no.3: always be ten minutes early for any important event/ meeting that regards any professional affair but always be 10 minutes late for parties (that’s how you make an impression without being impolite).

lesson no.4: plan for the unexpected and be organised. Keeping your cool is so important and having your things in order to bear with any situation is always a must if you want to show your best self to the world. 

lesson no.5: be gracious. Sometimes you’ll have a clumsy moment, and whenever it happens, smile and laugh, it’s okay. Don’t take it personally, mistakes are made all the time, it’s how you handle it that matters. 

lesson no.6: If it doesn’t directly affect you, don’t get involved in a situation, unless you see some strong injustice happening or you’re in a figure of authority. A mother and her child throwing a tantrum? none of your business. Two colleagues shouting at each other? none of your business. Don’t meddle in someone else’s life unless you witness an unfair situation and you can do something about it.  

lesson no.7: if it’s not clever, funny, kind or with a purpose, hold your tongue. Whilst building a reputation what you say is as important as what you do. Keep your promises and do what you say you’ll do, if you’re no sure you can make it, don’t say a word. 

lesson no.8: looking good is as important as it will ever be, it’s not the most important thing, but it sure helps. Dress wisely and groom perfectly. It plays a big part in your confidence and you know what they say “dress for the life you want”.   

lesson no.9: treat everyone with the same respect. Be polite and nice, not because they are but because you are.

lesson no.10: whenever you’re about to do something, ask yourself:  does that support the life I’m trying to build and the person I am becoming? It will save you from doing things you could possibly regret or wish you had done differently. Work hard towards your dreams and have a work ethic. It’ll take you further than you could ever imagine.

Lesson number 11 would be: take every advice with a grain of salt (except ours). This being said, we hope you have learned valuable lessons on today’s article, and you are ready to start building a proper reputation for yourself. Stay tuned for part 2 coming up soon. 

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