Reputation 101 (part 2) – how to talk with elegance and be a great conversationalist

Communication skills are often the base of any good reputation, and although every single one of us is different, we do have to have a certain elegance to maintain a successful conversation and be a great conversationalist. 

lesson no.1: if you want to be a great conversationalist, be a good listener. Turning the conversation on the other person makes them feel important, cared for and it gives you an opportunity to know them and show them you are interested in them. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in them.

lesson no.2: don’t brag but report. If someone tells you how much they’ve loved their trip to Mexico, and it turns out you’ve been there too, don’t jump on the opportunity to talk about your trip, use this “ oh, I’ve been there too, I loved it just as much as you, what was your favourite _____ (beach, parc, part, hotel, etc.)?” By doing so, you find a common interest which gives the impression to your companion to be closer to you, it gives much more friendly intentions to any conversation.

lesson no.3: put on your friendly face, don’t smile all the time, but don’t frown, adopt the soft expression of openness. Make eye contacts. Be a little bit flirty, a little bit mysterious.

lesson no.4: use a rather formal language but avoid using terms that are unfamiliar to the person you’re talking too, it will make them feel uncomfortable. You don’t want anyone to feel awkward because you are using a slang they do not know, or to feel uncultivated because you’re using too complicated words. speak clearly and it will make wonders. 

lesson no.5:  some things are meant to be personal, unless that person is your best friend, do not tell them in details about things that are too personal. It is fine to share experiences to show compassion, but somethings are meant to be only yours to keep.

lesson no.6: don’t give unsolicited advice, chances are they don’t want to hear it.

lesson no.7: pause and stare back, the continue. Pausing gives much more presence to any dialogue at the theatre and so does it in any good conversation. Plus, it gives you extra time to think about what you will say next.

lesson no.8: if you make a joke, make sure it’s clever. Showing wit is always better perceived than making a rather stupid comment that was meant to be funny. 

lesson no.9: show certain poise and grace by showing manners and respect. Be confident in your own skin. It is probably the hardest rule to follow, but it will build you a solid reputation once you can master it. 

lesson no.10: Be yourself, showing the colours of authenticity will give them something to remember forever so you’ll never be forgotten. 

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