How Time changes your life

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I am aware that every month I need to write an article for BOLD, but here I am writing last minute. Why? Why do you write your article last minute Seb, you might ask (or not)? Well, let me tell you.

Recently, I have had on my mind that we live with the rules of Time. Yes, imagine that Time is a person. Weirdly, I realised that when I pursue Time, it does not have time for me, or when I am not looking for it, well here it is… and quite frankly, I take it for granted. I do imagine myself as an organised person, but then again, I am well-disorganised (Can we get this trending?)

So, I was thinking of Time and I got mad at her (yeah, it is a her). Why don’t I get the time I want when I want it, why does Time gets involved in my plans and ruins everything or does not allow me to do something when I want to. I mean don’t I get to have a little bit of control in my life?

No… I mean, yes, I do get to have a little bit of control, but life does not work that way. I don’t care how much you planned your life when you were 17 and by 22 you were going to have a stable job, a house and a loving boyfriend/girlfriend. If it worked out for you, that is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, I am extremely happy for you!!! But if it did not, it does not make you a loser, or someone who does not know how to handle your own time or someone who is not organized. Don’t believe that!!! What it means is that without knowing it, you are allowing Time to help you evolve as the most amazing bean you must become. Time can be whatever you want but Time does know what’s best for you and WHEN it is best for you. Do you know the saying « there is a time for everything?”. If not, apply it to your life. You will most likely enjoy your everyday blessings in a way you would not.

Trust me when I say that I know that IT SUCKS when you plan something, and it doesn’t go the way you had imagined it. It really isn’t funny. If I dive deep into my personal life, I will tell you this. I was someone who wanted to have control of EVERY BIT OF SECOND I was given to make the most out of them, but I was never ever satisfied. I was happy, I have always been a happy person, but I was not satisfied. I would blame myself when things would not go my way. I would bring myself down for not living to my own expectations. That is sick. DO NOT do that, EVER! One day, I decided that I was going to try this new thing where I plan and write down what I have to do and wait. Wait for “what is suppose to happen” to happen. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was and such a blessing. From that day on, I changed my thinking from “Urgh! I waisted 45 minutes talking tot his person in the street” to “what a blessing that was to exchange with that person or to see someone I had not in a while or just to take a break from my crazy race”. I changed my “you must do this within 5 hours” to “do what you can in the span of 5 hours”. I allowed myself to make mistakes and to not be perfect because I just cannot. And it is okay. The best thing I offered myself was to accept that I have Time on my side and whatever happens will happen. Also, I stopped forcing myself to do the tasks I did not want to do. BY doing so, I became a human being, respecting herself and her desires, depending on what her body would say.

So, yes, listen to yourselves. Instead of seeing the negative in something, embrace it as the way it is, smile because something did happen despite what you expected and hope for the better. For example, when I get sick on a day, I had planned to do something, I am saddened, but I tell myself that I do get to rest a bit being someone who typically and literally runs everywhere. Or when it rains and I had planned an outdoor activity, I am thankful that I get to catch up on work I had to do from the inside or whatever.

I think that what I am trying to say is: “Do not blame Time because it was not what YOU planned or organised, but thank Time because she allows you to experience or things unplanned or have fun things to share for misfortunes or whatsoever…” There is a beauty in every little thing in life and if we can acknowledge them the way they should be, then maybe Time will not comply to our everyday wishes, but she will have time to knit the perfect plan for us. In the end, Que sera, sera!!!

Until next time Munchkins

Seb xx

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