The think week- truth on productivity

As August showed its sunny face upon us, September comes raining, the entire B0LD crew went on a retreat, strategical retreat, nothing less, but we were just in need of a think week, Bill Gates does it, why shouldn’t we?

We stopped for an instant to get air in our lungs and happy thoughts in our hearts. We went away from the “real world”. We flew across the country or stayed home for a little stay-cation, but we stopped an instant to appreciate what we have here, a strong independent community of leaders, an elite of people only looking to better themselves and reach for their goals and full potentials. Precious, you can tell. We stopped to gather what it takes so we could develop more ideas, so we could uplift more people, redefine our concepts, sharpen our ideas and rewrite our stories. We took a think week. We went on a journey to learn, about ourselves, about the world, we got lost into libraries and theatres, we got lost into nature’s greatest secrets, we followed our hearts, met new souls that changed our hearts forever.
As we retreated we developed and perfectioned the art of stopping to start brand new. We’ve narrowed down the how and the why to get your perfect think week.


A think week was made for us so we could build interest and commitment to the things we loved because the only way to be better is to get interested and to stay interested. Curiosity is the base of knowledge.
Just like if you close your eyes, and think about the colour red, and then when you open them up, you look for the colour red, once you stop, take an instant and try to count the number of blue things you saw, hard isn’t it?
The same principle goes with interest and commitment, once you shift your mindset to something positive, to your goals, to your focus, to your very best you start attracting it, you start building and living in consequence because this what you are thinking of therefor it is what you are looking for.

Your think week (or even a think day) comes in useful for you to perform a sort of gigantic brainstorm, let your mind wander and create new ideas, write them down, and be sure to not let them get away as minds forget quickly. By taking the time to stop and actually think you’re allowing yourself

Jet down how you want things, how and when inspiration springs on you, how you can forcefully generate new ideas, stop to appreciate what inspires you. understand what motivates you. Find solutions to problems, find answers to questions. Sothat when life comes back at you hitting harder than ever, you have a safe place in your head to light up your way and protect your mindset from the storms. You have something to remember when nothing is certain.

A think week also is to rejuvenate your brain and get it out of its comfort zone, to unleash new ideas and concepts and will give you a clearer vision – when you look at something from too close you lose focus, take a step back and observe your masterpiece, you’ll understand your own work better and think clearer.

We can’t always afford to go on vacation, but the mind needs to be separated from a situation to see it more clearly or to seek out for a wider vision of it. Sometimes a stay-cation on a rainy day is all one needs to find themselves inspired again.

The think week gives your mind new material to create and to be inspired on – take time to read, to research, to meditate, to retrospect.

Disconnect to be more connected.


If we need a think week to rest and reinvent our ideas, we need a think week for our bodies.

Sometimes we are so stuck in routines that we stick to bad habits. Getting out of it will give you a much better (and needed) idea of how you treat yourself and how you could treat yourself better. Sometimes, we can’t clearly tell what’s wrong until we get out of our routine – we’ve discovered a member of our B0LD crew was lactose intolerant, because she was eating mostly non-processed food on her trip, when she had cheese and milk, she realized how bad it made her feel from the inside.

Think week is detox.

Take time to feel yourself and understand yourself – build confidence, stop comparing and appreciate what you have whilst acknowledging what you would like to change.

We spent 40 minutes twice a day moving our bodies in hope to pour some oxygen in our brain cells. The results: so many more ideas and we felt much better.
When you can’t do anything with your body other than moving it your brain starts focusing on thoughts – Thoughts multiples and you end up being much more creative and focused in your work afterwards.

Take time to enjoy being.


If the think week as benefits for your mind and your body it doesn’t compare to what it gives your soul.
Nothing compares to the time you spend on your own to think to rejuvenate your inner star. Those who shine the brightest are those who know their light and do not take it for granted. If you want to shine you do have to spend time making sure you actually can shine bright enough to light up your sky and the only way to do so is to take time to remind yourself of your dreams, your aspirations, the person you want to be, to clear your head and detox your body so that your soul can shine through, so that you can be light.

Some people achieve so by meditating, others by walking along the sea, find what brings you peace and allows you to focus on your light.

Are you convinced you need a think week too ? Are more of a stay-cation type ?Like and comment what’s your best way to take your think week or send us an email at

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