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Hiya munchkins! It’s Seb, I am back again on the  #boldblog with yet another article on… drum roll – for originality- … back to school!

 In fact, I want to go deeper with you on the aspect of “back to school” theme. I am certain of your awareness with the “Back to School” enigma. Every year, many families rush to the stores to buy the latest gadgets for their children, let alone for themselves, to benefit from the sales and for the “what-not’s” there are out there. Unfortunately, this massive shopping spree creates a society dependant on consumerism, which then creates uncountable amounts of trash and unused products. 

This year, although you might be already sitting in class, think about the things you bought you did not need, the pens you did not reuse, the binders, paper, etc. 

I want to share with you quick tips on how to be more minimalist during your shopping time and how to think before your wallet regrets 😉. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to give back to the planet and us in an easy way?

  1. Reuse school material you did not use during a school year.

My family and I are eight children (yes, 8). You can imagine how expensive  #B2C (back to school) shopping is. However, we came up with this new system which results in this: at every end of the year, we sit in the living room and we classify what can be reused and what needs to be thrown away. For example binders, loose sheets of paper, notebooks, pens (Oh my goodness, REUSE YOUR PENS – this note is more for me 😉). Glue, on the other hand, is bought and what was left of it stays home for the different DIYs. It will allow you to save money financially, and you will be able to place it elsewhere, let’s say for bigger projects… 

I understand you may not be eight children or have as many yourself, or you may not even go back to school, however, no one stops you from doing the same with your friends, family’s friend, give to charity’s, your school might even want it back. 

Do a good deed for yourself and others by taking a little time to clear and classify everything. 

2. Clean your wardrobe.

Before school starts, please clean your wardrobe. Sometimes we do not take the time and we forget we have items hiding in the depths of our drawers. Once you do that, give your clothes to a charity. This way you contribute to help people in need instead of creating more trash (think of the environment). You can then look at your new freshly selected wardrobe and write down what is missing in it. E.g.: socks, leggings, tights, a few dresses, new coat, etc. and display of what is more important to buy than other items. Think thoroughly before you buy a piece of clothing and make sure it is one that you will be able to use for the next three years to come. Also, if you feel creative, give a second life to the clothes you do not wear by making kitchen cloths out of them, or coasters, or face cloths, or whatever comes to mind!

3. Make or buy healthy snacks.

Maybe I am speaking for myself, but it is so easy to have an 8 am class and in-between, go to the cafeteria and buy a coffee with a doughnut. Instead, start to bake healthy snacks. It can be cookies, granola bars, muffins; or buy healthy snacks in a bulk store, that way you do not create plastic trash and you have your snack in cute little mason jars. Also, buy yourself a thermos that keeps the cold and the heat. That way in the morning, your coffee stays hot for God knows how long and when you are done with it, you can put water inside and go about with your day. 

4. Select a Peace day.

This may not come off as the “top-of-the-list” minimalistic advice but it is sure good for the brain. During your school days or work, you might be overachieved by loads of papers waiting for you, or essays you must write or just by that over eccentric boss that gets on your nerve. That is why I am suggesting that you find a day in the week that will be your “Cheat Day”. In my case, every Saturdays will be off for me. I will work in the morning, but I will not come home to do some homework. I will relax, meditate, rejuvenate myself to starts of the next week rested and burden-free.

In the end Munchkins, it is okay if some of the tips do not fit into your schedule, it is okay to want to try something new and fail, but remind yourselves on a daily basis that you are human and day by day, the only thing you can become better at is a better version of yourself. Keep on treating your neighbour with respect and dignity, smile to those who do not smile to you and stand tall knowing that you have value and worth and that someone out there loves you very much. 

Unto a next time, my favourite humans

With Love


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