How personal value works

I’m a star, I whispered to myself in the mirror. Magic words. I am a star. Very truly. I am part the elite, I am part of the new nobility, the higher society – the one who is not playing by the rules of money but by the rules of implied kindness that shape into good manners carving my identity like constellations in the sky. I am a star, not because I steal the spotlight but exactly the opposite, I do not need one as I know I am light myself. I know my value.

The light of the star, the one we all have deep inside but that we somehow forget to let glide through, either because we grew too old too quickly or we simply forgot along the way. 

Just like when you want to write a successful blog or article, a book or make a video, you need to had value. You can without any doubt consider yourself as a work in progress.

Value is the sheer line between confidence and self-doubt, the line between being one who knows their worth but still finds imperfection, the one line that allows one to walk head high without arrogance. 

Value is how interesting you are, and you are not interesting by trying to be, you are interesting by being interested. Curiosity is asking appropriate questions to people interested in subjects you are interested in, or might not at first but by making the effort you find a new interest. 

Value is what you bring the table, your knowledge, your understanding of the world and the love you have for it, the care you give the world and yourself.

Value is the heart and the mind. It’s a refinement. It’s about casting out the coarse and the vulgar. Value is like polishing yourself, to go from a rock to a diamond. 


Polishing your mind is the highest form of “activity” one could practice right next to polishing your heart.

The mind needs to be sharp, witty, which is one thing one can never fake. The mind needs to be smart, brilliant, yet not overconfident. You have to spot rightly subjects on which you feel less comfortable and learn about them until you feel confident enough to abord them without nervousity.

 There are many ways to achieve such, but be aware, you may have to step out of your comfort zone. 

Remember, that one of the only ways to succeed is to do more than others, because everyone is talented, only, not everyone is a game-changer – by changing the way they play the game. 

One of the rules to get a sharper mind is to never be cheap on education, not only college wise, but basically with anything, whenever you have an opportunity to learn, do not skip on it. 

When something sparks interest in your heart, you should never hesitate, buy the book, follow the class, watch videos.

Be curious when someone is eager to share with you their passion.

That’s how you raise the bar of knowledge higher.


The body is the instrument without it, you can’t play your music. Your body has to be at it’s best if you want to to play any good, but that was no secret. 

When you learn to see your light, you learn to see your darkness too, we are not perfect and most definitely can’t be, as much mentally as physically, but the more you know yourself, the more you’ll know your value.

If you know your value, then you will glow and it will show, but sometimes, when you know your value, you realize everyone around you is so very brilliant too. Everybody shines differently but they create constellations of the world, and that’s more important than the light of your star alone. 

That’s why if you’re at your best, that you know how to shine, you will be humble, exuding confidence that does not approach arrogance. 

However, if you are not there yet, ensure you conduct yourself with a resolute behaviour and an infinite concentration. It’s the best way to hold it together when you feel smaller. A certain grace in your behaviour, kindness in your eyes and determination on your traits, have manners and hold yourself with strength, so when you shake someone,s hand, they feel the power roaring in you and not the opposite. Move fluently, make sure every movement you make is full, every step you take has some graciousness in it. That’s how you send a message to the world that light is in you. 


If your heart is not in it, you have nothing. You can be as graceful and full of light, the only true way to have value is the good you share. 

Speak words of kindness, see the beauty in everything, give a hand to those in need. 

Make sure your heart is as big as your ambitions and you will go much further than you ever expected. 

Nurture your good nature and give the world the best you have, it comes back in so many ways. 

You’re a star, you whisper to yourself in the mirror. Try it for once, and keep working on the harmony of your mind, body and soul. You’re part of this generation of the new nobility, it’s your birthright to be a star, claim it. 

Photo by Marco Milanesi

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