The Opening Statement With Aimée


Hiya sweethearts!

I’m a literature student at university, and I’d like to consider myself an artist. An aspiring artist, at least. Mostly, I’m a huge nerd. Always have been, always will be. I’ve spent my whole teenage years reading, watching series and movies (boys in books/movies are always better than real ones, amirite).

 I’ve spent my entire life so far being half present, half in my head, constructing stories. My mom always begged me – she still does – to be a little bit more grounded, while my dad always encouraged my thirst for fiction and writing. I think it has always been a way to live a life better than what I thought reality could ever, even if it meant living it in my head. For years, I was stuck in this mentality, that fiction would always be better than reality and therefore, that I’d rather live in my own little worlds or someone else’s meticulously constructed worlds.

 Lately, I realized that life isn’t always that bad. It doesn’t suck when you stop waiting for everyone to please you or for everything to fall magically into place and start actually putting some effort into it. No, life isn’t like in the movies. Things do not work out by themselves, and they don’t always work out either. It’s when you start being present and look around that you find the beauty in real life. Then, you start feeding off of it. You get inspired by real events to write, and your writing influences your reality. I will never give up fiction – my most precious getaway. I need it like I need air, it runs through my veins and fuels my brain. But sometimes, I have to look up, too.

Anyways, all those worlds to create and all those projects led me here, to be a part of the #boldcrew. I thought that maybe while sharing some examples from theatre, cinema and books (and overall massive nerd content) I could also provide some useful tips originating from fiction, revolving around the artistic world. Because we have a lot to learn from it. Fiction is a big “what if” or our own life. “What if” it turned out great and we fell in love, “what if” I had it all together or even “what if” I didn’t have a clue where I was going but could still manage to make it look romantic. In fiction, we get the possibility to imagine all those scenarios working out. And we can learn a lot from fiction. Which is my point: reality feeds off of fiction just as much as fiction feeds off of reality.  Fiction has brought us so many examples of good behaviours but also has romanticized so many toxic traits and scenarios and we can learn from it all. Good or bad. Pretty or ugly. We can also learn so much about who we are through fiction, even when we don’t realize it. Fiction hides in the smallest parts of our life but can shape our personality. Stay tuned on B0LD for it all my lovelies! 🙂  


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

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