How to take action on your visions and make them a reality – part 1

I’ve studied entrepreneurship and leadership for over 2 years now, it’s in my bones. I was born with a vision and always envisioned myself as a future Jackie O. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn or Anna Wintour … a mix of influence and elegance, see what I mean? Someone who changed the curse of history, slightly, just enough to do good for others. However, the problem with vision is that unless you work your way through it, it’ll stay a vision. I started studying influence and leadership because I was shy, but I studied entrepreneurship because I wanted to learn how to be strategic when it comes to your future. I wanted to understand the strategy behind the mystic vision, because I never wanted to stay stuck in illusions, I wanted to take action. So here I am in this cafe, ready to spill a bit of knowledge.


4 words: strengths, weaknesses, mission and opportunities. That’s the first very big step to any vision, any dream any way to be the very best you can be. Want to be part of the elite?  Master these 4 words, they are magic. 

What are the strengths in who you are, your project, your idea? Find the very best of it and make sure you present it to the world.

What are your weaknesses? Once you find them, work on them. it is crucial that you find what they are so you can make sure they don’t come in the way of your success. Find the courage to accept them and make the best out of them. 

What is the mission, the why? What is the essence of the project, the machinery behind the genius? Once you know your why, it is your value, it will be your lighthouse in any storm. Find the why you want to do things and the how will come naturally.

What are the opportunities? Once you know the good, the bad and the why, you have to get out there. You have to step up your game and take action. You have to open your eyes and look for ways to actually achieve your goals. Opportunities are everywhere you look for them. 

  • Opportunity to be the best version of yourself comes every minute. The reset button is never far, you always choose.
  • Opportunities for a project can be a little tricky, but look for events, create a website, search knowledge and acquire it. 

Remember: you can always do more. 


This is very important, it sets the whole mood, the whole vibe of who you are, the essence of your project and how you conduct it. As the driver, who are you?

In the book 43 rules of power, it says you should associate yourself with the image of something powerful, just like Le Roi Soleil/ Louis XIV. 

Obviously it’s subjective, but you have to know what you stand like. I personally like to compare myself to a Nanosphere hand in a velvet glove, Nanosphere being the hardest material on earth and velvet because of its softness and luxurious feel. I want to lead and be strong but I also want to remain soft and elegant.

 I also like the star comparison burning bright and illuminating the sky even at the darkest of the night or the Queen/King leading their people with dignity and strength. 

Find a comparison that resembles who you aspire to be, who you are deep down so that when in doubt, you can recall what you stand for. 

Now that you have a clear image of something that represents you, find ways to always have a reminder: Write it down in your agenda, find songs to listen, quotes to remember, movies to rewatch, podcasts, books to reread, etc. 

I, for one, tattooed it on my ribs. The only tattoo I have is a constant reminder of what I stand for. Years ago, I wanted to make sure I would never forget, so I made sure it would last forever (a little reckless, but it truly is a daily inspiration).  


Once you’ve found your signature image, you have to be that image. Are you the sun? Are you a star? Are you an Audrey Hepburn or an Elon Musk?  How would that person be standing now, what would she/he do? Does your posture say the same thing? How do you speak? How about your manners? 

It’s all about presence, the way you see yourself has to reflect on the way you act, it’s all a harmony. 

Pay attention to how people are around you and how you want them to feel around you. Now, take a deep breath and envision the best “you” you can possibly imagine, open your eyes and look at yourself, are they the same?

They shouldn’t. 

Aim for higher means going higher. They say fake it until you make it, we say work on it until you nail it. Your body language says so much about how you see yourself that you must check on yourself at all times. 

Back straight, chin high and determined look speak much higher of you than anything you’ll ever say.  

We all have icons, movie or book characters, that are some sort of epitome of who we’d like to be. Remember that these people were created and remember you can create yourself just as much. It’s more than just playing the part, it’s sending a message to the universe of “I’m ready, bring it”.  

How to take action on your vision and make them a reality part 1 – is a good indicator of where to start to make your dreams a reality, we hope we inspired you to be bold. We believe in your vision, it’s your moment to take action. 

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