The art of careful selection – the secret to success

Living an elegant and successful life really comes down to one simple rule: careful selection. 

It is one rule. Hard to master, yet ô so important. If you want to pull all the strings together and let the world wonder how you do it, you somehow need to figure it out. Gladly, we do have some valuable secrets that we are ready to share. 

October blushes our cheeks and warms our heart, but time does not stop for anyone anymore, we, however, suggest that you sit comfortably for a few minutes to sip on your warm drink and unfroze your hands on your cup while reading this. Truth has to be told about the careful selection. 


Some say it is a myth, the one people create to achieve an ideal that never lets itself be reached, we, however, are bold enough to believe in fairytales. Some say it’s balanced, but really it isn’t, balance suggests a compromise, our suggestion is, careful selection, meaning: pouring your attention, 100% of it, where it truly matters to you. Do not dread your feet into something, clear vision often means distance. Be 100% there, but be 100% everywhere. That means you have some serious self-reflexion to do to understand how to make your schedule as success-oriented as possible without making it too heavy. Being organised is the secret, block your schedule carefully, and focus. Spend your time on things that matter to you a great deal otherwise, will you ever live? Your daily choices have to reflect that mindset: I choose carefully how to spend my time because I know it won’t come back and I do not have the time nor the energy for things that do not serve positively. Coco Chanel once said that elegance is a refusal, when it comes to us, success is framework mindset: frame your time, not because you’ll get more, but because you’ll use it more wisely. Be so in love with your life that the whole world is drawn to you because all of your presence exudes that energy and the only way to do so is to feel fulfilled, and to feel fulfilled one must do things that make them feel like they’ve done the very best they could. One must go to bed at night the head full of ideas for tomorrow and the heart full of excitement.

We like to think your schedule should hold a few key elements: work towards your dreams, learning to stimulate your brain, some physical activity, time with those you love and time for yourself. Easy as that. 

Tip: make yourself unreachable when you have to work on something specific and stay focused, give priority to things in their time, one thing at the time.  Remember, your habits and routines are your future, elect them wisely.  


Your mind can be in a hurry, but your body needs to stand still. Do not betray yourself by running around, you are losing some precious energy here. Breath and drink plenty of water, take the time to move, take the stairs. 

Always choose yourself with love, your body carries you, you need to care for it. Choose food that makes you feel good and listen to yourself, we often ignore ourselves but our bodies send messages all the time, get to know what you need. 

Picture your body being ocean or light, whatever works and move accordingly. Remember, opt for soft confidence, the one that glides through the smile you give strangers, the one that guides you when you dress for the part, be fluid in your movements and conscious of how you go through the world. Do you get in like a bulldozer, or like a river through the rocks? Be sure, and let your body language say so – don’t be rude. Opting for a determined approach does not mean going through like a bulldozer, it means to go through the world like an ocean through the land, forcefully but fluidly.   


  • As much as it is a state of mind, as much as it is a matter of the heart. one can not truly be holding it all together without remembering that “no trouble is ever too much trouble”. 
  • Making time and being kind does not cost a thing, and the best way to never feel overworked is to stop the universe once in a while by doing something unexpectedly kind. 
  • The second best way to never feel overworked is to take time to remember that only you create stress, so stop manufacturing it. 
  • Find your happy place by remembering who you are and aspire to be. 
  • Know your values and act accordingly, remember yourself of that person that deep down is your epitome of success and elegance and tune in to the feeling and be the harbinger of your perfect life. Perceptive and clarity upon yourself is the secret to knowing which hat to wear. 
  • Become so focused on upgrading your life that you upgrade your heart all around.   

How do you cultivate your “careful selection”, are you a master or still working on it? 

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