The art of charisma and influence

If you have read how to have influence and wondered ”okay, but how do I attract people around me, how do I develop charisma so that the world can’t get enough of me, how do I develop my own signature influence?”

We have your back, from Hepburn to Gates, we have uncoded what they all have in common. 

Here is a step by step on how to achieve it.

  1. Have ambitious goals 

The first and most obvious thing is to master is to have big goals, find what you want and be so sure of it that it fills every single one of your days with inspiration. 

2. Believe in yourself

No dream will ever come true if you don’t believe that you can do it, and you’ve got this. No one else can believe in you if you can’t believe in yourself, anything is possible, and you can do the impossible. Believing in yourself will push you to take action, and it is when you take action that you start believing more and more in yourself.

3. trust yourself (own your decision)

You are bound to make some bad decisions, but once you make one, stick by it, don’t be stubborn, but trust your instincts. That feeling that pushes you to do something, almost like an impulsion, follow it. Amazing fashion sense is a good example, some people will try on something really bold, mix and match, and it will become a trend or a very bad outfit … they just feel it is right, they develop their sense and trust it. Same should be done for you when you own your decisions. 

4. vocalize it so others can have your vision too

Your vision is precious, but if you keep it only to yourself, no one will ever be touched, passionated by it too. Your vision is a virus you want to spread or the spell you want to cast on the whole world. Some will be resistant, but once you plant the seed in their mind, they will never forget and that’s how you create a garden. Be sure you’ll inherit a field of wildflowers once you start sharing your pollen. Share it to those who want to hear and to those who don’t, the more you affirm it, the more you’ll believe in it.

5. Be a little pretentious

Do not act self-important or be arrogant, but know what you have done. Not like it is better than what others could do or have done, but acknowledge that you have something to give to the world. It’s a self-confidence that does not let you be intimated and that allows you to not underestimate your value.  

6. Believe you are the right person to be where you are

You’re the right person for the job and you have to be the first to believe it, you deserve to be there, you’ve earned it, you are leading the way because you are a born leader for your vision. You have to be so certain you are the right person for the job that others can’t help t believe it too.  

7. Do as if you already had it all

You know that saying ‘’fake it until you make it’’, it is all in the attitude, if you act like the person you’d want to be, you’ll become, like practising an accent. Act for the life you want, you attract what you send to the universe. 

8. Find your voice tone, be captivating

People have to want to listen to you, find your tone and have them be captivated. You can naturally have it, or have to work on it, it has to be a signature, something that will make people lean towards you and have them listen. Have a low tone, a husky voice, a great laugh, use your hands, the goal is to have people listening to your message. 

9. use charismatic body language

Make sure your body language sends the message to the world that you are confident but approachable. Don’t cross your arms, stand straight and pay attention to your facial expression, make it friendly, poised and open. 

10. Take acting classes, remember the role you are playing.

This is very extra, but very much worth the while, you’ll learn to be more aware of your body and to play your part perfectly.

Out of what you can personally do, there is what the world can do for you. Any influencer has a team behind them, here is how they can and will help you out.

  1. Build a team, a group of friend around you

Surround yourself with the right people, people of great ambition or people that believe in you and push you. People who force you to level up. Your people. They are not perfect but they push you to keep moving forward and giving the best of you, they grow with you while you grow with them.

2. Believe in them

Although it is pretty self-explanatory, believing in them is crucial if you want them to believe in you too, it has to be a balance between I believe in your ambitions and I will be honest with you when I think you’ll be screwing up.  

3. Trust them

Trust is the base of any relationship, and that extends to your people, they need to feel like you would trust their ideas and their moves – if you stand behind them, the more likely they will stand behind you. 

4. Make sure you elevate them and that they elevate you

If they are right for you, that means you have a great opinion of them, so you must speak highly of them. If you praise them, you have always a good word to say about them, they will feel the same about you. You need that secret and silent agreement that you will forever speak highly of them and they will do so for you too.

5. care about them and others, listen more than you talk

Don’t make a spectacle of yourself and pay attention to others, that’s how you learn and level up, charisma and influence come a lot from the art of being a good conversationalist and a good conversationalist listens much more than he talks. People adore having someone who listens, be that person and see how they have a lot of respect for you. 

Comment below your best tips on how to influence your environment and like if this post helped you! Have you read The 21 irrefutable Laws of Power?  It could be of great help.

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We hope you find your way to influence the world with your great heart, mind and ambitions.

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