A fine lesson on confidence

How to build your confidence?

Confidence is key to success, it always was. believing you are the right person for the job automatically increases your charisma and your attitude towards your goals. 

Confidence can be humble and define your character without clouting it with arrogance. Confidence is sumptuous and an art of the soul, a subtle mix between who you are and who you want to be, the junction between the two. It allows you to walk through life like water on a ducks feathers. This is a sophisticated way to confidence.

Thre are a few easy ways to build up your confidence quickly and effectively. Some of them seem trivial but they are instant ways to make a change.

  • find your motto

Find a few sentences, a few words that make you believe in yourself. That inspire you, that make you feel powerful. It can be anything as long as it reminds you of who you are and who you want to be, a confidence booster in a sentence such as:

  • “ I am part of a new nobility”
  • “ I am a star”
  • “ I strive for perfection”
  • “ I strive for excellence”
  • “ I am a go-getter”
  • “ I can do anything”
  • “ My goal is ______ and that is what I am getting.”
  • “ I reject mediocrity”
  • “ I am my own success”

Be creative, something that uplifts you can be only meaningful to you. 

  • Hold your head high

This is a physical adjustment that sends a message to your brain and to the world, it is an international sign of confidence. Shoulders back with an invisible thread pulling your back straight, your chest open and your chin high. 

It is the invisible crown on the top of your head. Wear it proudly. 

  • find your image

Such as finding your motto, having a referential image that you define yourself as can help build up your personal image, brand and self-confidence. Some compare themselves to flowers, others to the sun (such as King Louis XIV), some find it easier to compare themselves to other people (just make sure it is healthy comparison and that you keep your authenticity.). You need to find an image that defines this symptom of confidence to keep in your mind whenever you need a confidence booster. 

  • make eye contact and don’t look down

This is pure psychology, eye contacts are powerful. If you look down, you send the message that you do not consider yourself an equal, and it most certainly is not what you want to project. Sometimes a flirtatious look to the ground can be okay, but other than that, do not look down!

(Even, look slightly up while looking away if you want to intimidate. It can appear pretentious to a certain extent, so be careful if you use it, but it is still great to establish certain boundaries.)

  • smile

Simple yet precious, a smile warms a heart and wins anyone over. No need to smile full teeth deployed at all hours, but a soft smile inspires trust, people will be attracted to you, and if you don’t have a lot of confidence, you will project more by smiling to the people surrounding you.

  • do something bold every day.

Sophisticated confidence comes from being at ease in any situation, this means putting yourself in some uncomfortable situation on purpose to develop such confidence, of course, you will sometime fail at it but you will grow incredibly through it. Chose to do to something out of your comfort zone, do something that makes you uncomfortable, take the opportunity to do something different. Never get comfortable with your own growth, you can never know too much, always try to become more and you will see your confidence grow with you. 

  • Know more

Having more knowledge, practising a few punchline and witty comebacks, cultivating yourself, developing your taste, are part of expanding your reality and your knowledge, the more you know the easier it is to feel at ease in any situation, however …

  • Be interested

When you do not know, show interest. Practice your curiosity and grow through the process of asking when you don’t know. It makes you a great conversationalist and will help you go through conversation that you might have not been comfortable elaborating on. You have to treat knowledge as an eye-opening opportunity and a privilege. 

  • take care of yourself

self-care is directly linked to self-esteem and confidence. Make sure you dress in what makes you feel like your highest self, take time alone, practice good hygiene, be slightly extra in your routine if it makes you feel good. Eat healthily, move your body, you know the basics and you will be amazed at what it can do if you apply yourself to it. 

What do you do to feel confident, share with us how you build up your confidence and help another to build theirs! Sometimes, one word can go a long way. 

Thank you for tuning in for this fine lesson on confidence, keep in touch for our next post.

Kindest regards,

Your boldest friend. 

I stood in the middle of a crowd, where I used to feel so small I now felt tall, because I knew, deep down, how much value I had, not in comparison to others, but in contrast to my old self.

Photo by David Geib

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