How to get your momentum back – full process #worksheet

To my dearest friend – I looked at him, he seemed different, not sad, just not as sparkling. Like flat champagne. It didn’t make him less of himself but it felt like he was missing something. He told me how he felt defocused and uninspired. He asked me what to do and the only thing I could think of was to write him a post. He is part of the elite, one of the brightest, he only needed to get his momentum back.

Momentum is that feeling of focus and inspiration that pushes you to urge towards your dreams. It is a perfect mix between doing something bold and having a routine. 

Humans normally come into ruts, as inspiration can sometimes come in waves. It is normal, do not worry, we all have some good old blues, but over the years, a process was developed by our team to save you, at least a little bit, from a downtime. 

It is quite easy, you can do it on paper or on a doc. on your computer, you just have to be ready to stop for an instant and think a little.

  1. Direction

who are you vs who will you be

it is not a war my dear and it is not a constant fight, it is about movement, about crossing the bridge between these two realities. So here is how you will determine that gap between your realities, and then, we will teach you how to shrink it until it is nonexistent.

Write a list of all the things you want to be and want to have, the order has no importance, it can be as simple as “ having a routine “, as personal as “ being more elegant”, to as extraordinary as “walking the moon”.

Make sure the list is on the right side of your paper or virtual sheet and that it is written in the PRESENT tense. 

Then, take a rather harsh look on your current reality such has: where am I currently when it comes to having a routine~ being more elegant ~ walking on the moon?  

Write this reality in the PAST tense on the left side of your paper or virtual sheet.

It should look like

I was all over the place and always disorganized — I am well organised and I follow a routine

I was very clumsy ——- I am always elegant

I have both feet on the earth —— I am walking on the moon every Sunday afternoon

Close the gap

Now here comes the tricky part, obviously closing the gap is the ultimate goal. But How do you do that, how do you cross such a bridge. It will be a sustainable amount of work and of dedication that you will have to pour in every single day, but it is doable, and to get your momentum back, you have to find how to cross that infamous bridge. 

So here is how you will do such a thing. We playfully call it the ultimate list, because it is an incredibly long list, but totally worth it. Concretely, the list will not be perfect because surprisingly enough, it will only get longer, you will have to constantly edit it. And it is normal, it is what you want because it is a synonym of growth and movement, it is a synonym of going forward. And that is what you want. 

The Ultimate list will require a bit of research too because you might not know every single step for an action that needs to be completed, but that too is okay. It is part of the steps, you have to learn before you become. 

So, the moment you have all been waiting for is how to do the list?

you will take your first Goal list

I was all over the place and always disorganized — I am well organised and I follow a routine

I was very clumsy ——- I am always elegant

I have both feet on the earth —— I am walking on the moon every Sunday afternoon

And where the “ ——” stands you will jet down every single thing that needs to be done, happen, possessed, etc, for it to be true. 

Example : 

I was all over the place and always disorganized — I am well organised and I follow a routine

 I need to : 

  • Determine what I would like to do in a day
  • Determine what can be done every few days and what needs to be done every day
  • Have an organisation system
  • Read the Marie Kondo book
  • Clean up my space
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Plan out the day before
  • define my short and long term goals
  • ask myself if my routine is representative of the reality I am trying to create
  • etc.

You can see where this is heading. Every task may create another one as you discover more about you should and must do to completely cross the bridge, but eventually, you will look back and realize how far you already are.


Making a list of things to do, an ultimate to-do list is one rather long and exhaustive task, however, it means nothing if you do not do act on it. 

Here is a suggestion, we all have obligations, therefore a part of your day may not be free to work on the project of your choice, however, there will be room for our projects. It has too. 

Some may be more restrained than others time-wise because they have a tighter schedule. 

But your projects should be a part of your schedule, actually, it must be. 

So block time, at night, in the morning or on the weekends, to do the things that bring where you want to be. 

The rule is, plan your goals in a matter of months.

Plan your monthly goals into weeks. 

Every item on your list is a goal.

Plan it and take action. That<s how you move forward. 

  1. Stay inspired

a day in your future dream life looks like?

Visualizing is powerful, just like the words you say, your brain will believe anything you tell it, so be careful. 

That is why visualizing a day, a moment in your life, in every detail, will help you stay focused and will keep you happy. Passion keeps you happy when everything is wrong, a reminder of where you are heading is all you need. So it down, and write, or visualize it simply. We suggest you write it because you can keep it and reread it but only thinking about it will get you on track in no time. 

Your mind is so incredibly powerful, use it to impact your thought process positively so you can create your reality.

what makes you feel inspired?

Some say that you are not uninspired, but it has simply been too long since you have done something that makes your soul sparkle. 

It has to be your thing and you have to dedicate a little instant in your day to do it. 

It can be a bath to unwind, or read a book, or take ballet classes, or go out for a run, or sit down and writing a novel, or watch your favourite YouTuber. 

The important thing is to do something that lets you relax whilst not breaking your focus and motivation. 

As an example, we all love scrolling down our Instagrams, but it takes a lot of time and it makes you feel “bleh” afterwards. 

Choose activities that bring you joy and that make you want to do more.

Obviously, we all need some time to “bleh” through our social media. But be careful, what you consume is what you become, your social platform content included. 

Books to read : 

No matter who you are and what your passions are, losing momentum is both terrible and a blessing. Take it as a blessing and make the best of it as seeing to refocus your direction and be more motivated. It is a chance for you to renew your life and plan properly.

You got this

and for whatever it is is worth, 

I believe in you,

kindest regards, 

your boldest friend.

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