The art of starting the year the right way.

Christmas has brightened our hearts and left our souls happy, but now, we are plenty ready for the New Year! We may not believe in simply making New year’s resolutions – because we believe that resolutions can be taken any time – we, however, are firm believers that one should take advantage of this moment of the year: the beginning of the new year. 

A new year is special, symbolic of a new chapter which we have the power to write on our own terms. 

Writing a brand new story always is so much fun when you lay down your ideas and daydream about your story howver, when the time comes to actually write a full chapter, it can be trickier, same goes for this new year beggining. Here, the b0ld crew has created the only way to start a year properly on your way to levelling up your life. 


By cleaning we mean, some deep cleaning: decluttering. By decluttering we mean: ask yourself “is this supporting the lifestyle/ reality I am trying to create for myself ?”, and not only with your material belongings, but with how you spend your time, who you spend it with, how you treat yourself, your mindset. All those things should be analyzed in a retroaction you do on yourself and left in 2019 if they do not serve you rightfully. 

where would you like to be next year

To clean properly your life and align your journey, you MUST have a vision of where you would like to be in the next year. On January first of 2021, who will you be? What aspect of your life and self will you have worked on? To move forward one needs a little direction, try to visualize where you are heading. 

what is missing to get there

Here, we suggest you read “ How to get your momentum back” as it explains in details the process of closing the gap between your current reality and the place you would like to be. 

However, in a few words, the gap between your two realities should be closed by a series of actions that will help you get there, defining them will break down the big goal into smaller goals and tasks that are 100% achievable. 

Make a list and keep it close. 

Define your goals 

The end of 2019 is perfect to retrospect on ourselves and see what we wish we did differently so we can come in 2020 with our mind, body and soul aligned in the same direction. That direction touches many aspects of your life, so we made a shortlist of the principal areas in which you can put in some work and define precise goals.

  • Personality (work on your flaws and qualities, either to improve or to love them)
  • Mindset (mindset is key)
  • Attitude (towards life to keep you sane and happy and ready for challenges)
  • Soul (how do you want your heart to be)
  • Body (including physical activities, self-care and eating habits)
  • Work (do you want to keep your current job, change, upgrade ?)
  • New skill (what do you want to learn this year)
  • Money (how much do you want this year/ if it is important to you)
  • Relationships (who and what do you want in 2020)
  • World (what do you want to give and get from the universe) 

When you study in business, one of the first things they teach you is that your goals should be SMART and we think you should have a similar approach to your goals this year.

For each goal please make sure it is 

S pecific: make sure you know exactly what you want and be precise on details

M easurable: make sure you will be able to measure the factors that will tell when and if you have achieved your goal.

A chievable: know the steps to get there.

R ealistic: can you do it? 

T imed: give a deadline to your goal. 

what’s the plan?

Now that you have established where you want to be and what could get you there you have to plan. Dates are key. Give yourself a time frame to achieve your goals. Schedule your success and your levelling up as much as any appointment and assignment, it is important that you keep them in check and that you keep YOURSELF in check. 

We would suggest that you boldly block your schedule to devote time every day to your goals. Be bold enough and confident enough to know that when you show up every day for something, you get better at it. 

We obviously have a few favourite planners that you can use to keep track of your ambitions, these are simply favourites in our crew, because of how complete they are. 

Here is an elegant tip for you this 2020: visualize yourself as a magnet for good things, the right people and success. 

You got this.

and for whatever it is worth, 

I believe in you,

kindest regards, 

your boldest friend.

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Photo by Tim Gouw

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