5 sentences to ALWAYS keep you motivated and focused on your goals

As bloggers, we write about what we know. All week I was wondering, what do I know? 

All I know from this week is that I really struggled with being productive and elegant and I have not been feeling quite like myself, and although it is okay and we all get through some of it, I will not preach doing nothing about it while it passes, I strongly believe in pushing through instead of sitting through – because although it can feel safer in the eye of the hurricane, you need to go through storms to see the sun again. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or I feel like giving up, I remember these simple sayings that remind me of who I am and who I am trying to be. 

  1. Eat as much sh*t as you can for as long as you can 

This very classy saying is from Gary Vaynerchuk and although it does not sound very elegant it will greatly remind of where you are going, in all means it asks of you that you work as hard as you can for as long as you, that you go through hell for as long as required so that you can build up yourself. So that you stay humble. So that you never think you are too good. So that you always strive for better. That is what it means.  

Sometimes when you go through a rough patch and you want to quit remember to keep pushing and that all that you will go through will only make you greater in every aspect of your life. Growth often comes from discomfort. 

  1. If you say Yes to something you say No to another

It is ok to need a break, it is important to be balanced – remember not all occasion is good to indulge on and the same goes the opposite way. Stability depends on what you say yes and no to. The choice is ALWAYS yours. All you do and all you are is a succession of yes and no’s, make sure they are worth it and they reflect the reality you want to create for yourself.

  1. I owe it to myself to … 

be strong, go through this head high, do a little more, to take a break, to take time to heal, to grow, to be more, to let go, to hold on, etc. 

Sometimes, you have to remember what you deserve. What you owe yourself after all you have been through, after all the work and the time you have put in. Sometimes you have to remember that what you deserve is to release toxicity. Sometimes you have to remember what is really worth it. But at all times you have to remember what you are worth, meaning: nothing that does not bring value to your life or that does not value you should be held onto. 

  1. “ _________________ “ would instead … 

We all have our heroes, our icons, our inspirations and as idiotic as it may seem when you first think of it, an extrinsic source of inspiration is always a plus when you feel down and can’t find motivation from the inside. 

Whenever you are in a situation in which you either do not know how to act/react or are doing something you are not particularly proud of, think fast: my hero would instead act/react in such way and step into the role until it comes naturally. That version of yourself exists and sometimes it is only a matter of reminding yourself of it.

When they say “fake it until you make it”, that is what they mean, embody it until it genuinely comes naturally. 

  1. I can … 

Simple but ô so effective, because most certainly, you can

Whatever you dream, you can achieve. Whatever you want, you can have. 

Whenever you are in doubt, come back here, see all the beautiful people we have here in this community chasing their dreams and achieving what has been thought impossible.

Whenever you are in doubt, go and look at those who already achieved the impossible and think :

you know, actually, I can. Watch me.

You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Therefore, make sure you are proud of who you are and what you accomplish – remember: you are your actions. 

So yes, do repeat it until you believe it: “ I can”.

Even when you are not quite sure, say: “ I will give it my best”. 

What is your best advice to keep your head high and your mind focused on the goal? We would love for you to give us your best insight on the subject.

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For what it is worth,

I believe in you

xx your boldest friend 

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