Where to start your personal development journey?

One of the questions we often get is where to actually start a successful personal development journey. Where do I start my education? 

Because your levelling up journey is composed of your environment, your energy or your education, representing your body, your soul and your mind, you have to include the three of them to really improve in your life. 

Logically, we would tend to say education is the first one to become a priority. Personal development is the pillar of everything but education is the pillar of personal development. The more you learn about yourself, others and the world, the more you can navigate through water peacefully.

However, we have to primarily do something else for you to really start. 

Because let’s face it, it can be rather hard to say, of course, my purpose is x, the person I want to be is y, and I’m going to do z. 

Clarity is not given to everyone and most people having such clarity already have done a tremendous amount of work on themselves. They had to face demons you probably don’t know about, they had to do some deep soul searching and go through experiences before doing anything else. 

One who is motivated may ask, but where do I face my demons, do soul searching and go through experiences, when and where can I start?

You may know the famous saying :

 Everything you have ever dreamed of is out of your comfort zone.

Well in many ways, this is exactly what you must do. To start developing yourself and becoming a better person, you have to be adventurous and put yourself out there. 

When studying in Business School, we learn about co-development,  a process through which you express to a team of people (also motivated to level up) the aspects of yourself you would most like to improve. For some it is public speaking, for others it is extraversion, some would like to be better leaders, it really depends on one’s needs. The group will then proceed to push you to do things that will help you improve your challenges … they will push you out of your comfort zone. 

Out there is where you learn. 

It can be more public speaking, meet more people, start the gym, organize more your time, travel to a foreign country. Start small and grow tall. 

Most of the times, it is a matter of details and paying attention

It is the past’s experiences that defined who you are but it is the future experiences that will define who you will be and now that you know, you have more control over the experiences you allow yourself to live. Now you can look through your habits, behaviours, personality traits that forge who you are and focus on what needs more attention for you to become a better version of yourself. 

Here are a few ideas of things you can do to push you out of your comfort zone, tell us which ones you would like to try or share with us one thing you would like to be better at and we will help you find some new challenges.

  • Hold yourself responsible for what happens to you
  • Challenge your own beliefs with people who are completely opposed to what you think
  • Read one book a month
  • Meet new people ( at conferences, networking vents, at school, at the bus stop, possibilities are infinite)
  • Start meditation
  • Get in a team (sports, impro, debate)
  • Take a course
  • Grab opportunities when they come along
  • Try someone else’s passion
  • Travel 
  • Be honest about your needs and wants
  • say yes more
  • say no more
  • schedule and organise
  • be spontaneous
  • change your routine
  • turn off all your technological devices for awhile
  • learn something you have always had interested in but never did
  • have one goal and achieve it step by step
  • wear something different
  • hold a journal, write a book
  • start a youtube channel or a blog

possibilities are endless. 

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone just is you deciding to change. 

One last thing, rather important, do not wait until you are ready, you will grow through concrete, trust the process. 

Now that you know where to start, 

tell us about your goal on our brand new Facebook Private Group and receive the help from people who also want to level up and our team – a virtual form of co-development. We can surely challenge you and you can challenge others too! 

If you are of curious nature, here are few links that could interest you !

Until that, 

I believe in you 

xx your boldest friend

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