Find your people


Deserted on an island. Alone on your own little piece of land, with nothing else to see than water for miles and miles. Your island is great. Food, water, shelter, safety. You have everything you need in order to survive, except that you’re alone. There is no one to laugh with you, to cry with you, to support you and carry you when the storm hits. Are you really happy if you’re only surviving?

Being a strong, independent person is mostly a quality, but it can also be a total burden. Because it can shut yourself from help, from love. Having people around you is crucial for your productivity, even for your health. You can’t do it all on your own, and you shouldn’t. Strong people do not do it all on their own, they know they can’t. They simply find the best people to be in their team.

Not everyone will do, obviously. Some people are toxic, they can ruin you if you are not careful. You might take a while to understand which ones are the toxic ones, though. You might hurt your wings on their heaviness and you will have to heal yourself after you’ve parted ways.  In the same way, you can also be toxic to some people, even when you don’t mean to. You are not meant to be friends with everybody, you just have to respect everyone and be kind to all. That doesn’t mean everyone is your ultimate best friend. Sometimes people just don’t click, and you should learn to be okay with the fact that you might get along with people…better when they’re farther away.

Find your people.

I think there’s a few version of your people. They don’t fit one mould.  

Some are a soft, comfortable presence. They feel like family. No matter what, you know they are part of your life forever. It’s the ones you want to call right away when you get bad news, the ones you invite to your family parties, the ones you can hang out with, both doing homework. The friendship might not feel like a rollercoaster, it’s more like a steady road trip. They are there in every aspect of your adventure, but maybe not in the spotlight. You don’t need to see them every week to know that they got your back.

There are the ones that shatter your walls down. They come in your life unexpectedly and sometimes they leave as soon as they came. A tornado. They might not be there for a long time, but they change everything. Your life will never be the same after they’ve been in it. It’s strong, intense, but a whirlwind.

There are the ones that don’t even shatter your walls, they knock at your door and ask kindly to come in, and because of that, it shakes you even more. You were not expecting someone treating you in such a delicate way. The softness in the way they love you is pure and genuine. They want to know everything about you and they will love every single part of it, even the strangest. It’s so easy to open up to them, and you want to know about them too. It’s usually the ones you have everything in common with. Every time they express their weird ways, you’re just as different. When you thought you were alone in your little bubble, they did too. Maybe your bubble is a bit bigger than you thought. It feels easy to be with them because it’s like you’re by yourself, only better. If you’re an introvert, it’s the people that do not drain you. It’s almost as if they don’t count as a person, in the way that there’s never that moment you wish they were gone. These should make you feel like the best version of yourself. Around them, you are exactly the person you should and want to be. You should feel free and encouraged to be as extravagant as you are. Your people will never want you to hold back.

There are the ones you vibe with on a few aspects. You send them interesting videos on Youtube and you can chat for hours about movies or books or fashion or business. There are the ones you see once in a while and make you feel alive again, there are the ones who buy you food every time you hang out and feel easy around, there are the ones you barely see but there’s still a connection every time, there’s your childhood friend that you still care about even though you don’t see…What I mean is that there’s a lot of people in this world you love you. You are never as alone as you might feel, you just need to open your eyes a bit wider.  

Find the people that makes you comfortable and that your wounds heal around. I promise: these people exist.  They exist and you should also be that person for them. The one who cares, who supports, who encourages, who treats, who loves softly. Be someone for someone else today.

I know I have found a few of my people, and I also know some of them are yet to be discovered. As introverted as I am, I know how important having company is. You can go fast on your own, but you go farther together. You can draw a beautiful picture with just one pen, but the result is much diverse when you have all the colours.

And you? Who’re your people? Maybe I can be your funny little book nerd friend or the one you go breakfast with or cuddle with a movie. I feel like every single of you who read me are a few of my people, and I am yours. The B0ld family is big enough for all of us.

Thank you for reading this lowkey piece and I hope to see you very soon, sweethearts. Don’t forget to leave a little like and to go check the Facebook page or the Instagram page!


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