8 ways to help with the COVID-19

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It’s March 18th and as your boldest friend, I have to confront reality, I, too, am stuck at home because of the worldwide crisis regarding the virus COVID-19. 

 The B0LD community has elegant souls and the kindest hearts amongst their people and our team has been receiving emails from all around the world asking how one could help their neighbours. Since the circumstances are quite abnormal, we have decided to post more often to keep you company and ensure you make the most of this quarantine, the first thing to be addressed is how can you help around you whilst staying safe. 

  1. Stay home

It may seem pretty obvious, but the first thing to do to help others is to stay home as much as you can or be safe when you do go out. Act like you do have the virus and you do not want anyone you love to contract it. Stay Home. Wash your hands. Be safe.

  1. Donate money 

Donate money to your favourite non-profit organisation that works day in and out to make the situation better. Here are 2 (two) of our favourites which work internationally : 

You can obviously go for smaller foundations to help locally too. 

  1. get extra groceries for the ones in need. 

Some people will need help getting by, donating non-perishables to your local charities can make a huge difference.

  1. look for your elderly neighbours

Them being more at risk, they most likely will avoid going out. See if you can do anything for them ( watering their garden ? getting something at the grocery store ? ). They will appreciate the gesture and you will feel much better if they are safe at home.

  1. shop local and encourage your small businesses

 It is a rather rough time for everyone, but for them also, especially financially. Buying local ensures your favourite businesses survival throughout the month when revenues decrease. 

  1. Offer childcare – safely – to those who may not have access to it anymore.

Right now, some people have to work every day for essential services but their children’s kindergartens and schools are closed. If you can safely take one with you during the day (or even the crisis), let them know and keep your door open.

  1. Use your voice and share the information

Misinformation is an even bigger virus than COVID-19. The world easily panics and panicking is not helping the situation. Use your voice and your platforms to share righteous information. Racism against the Asian community is a reality, and you can take a stand for it by making sure the people around you are not misinformed. Media can deform the truth, be careful.

  1. Write and call your loved ones

Everyone needs to feel safe and love. Everyone needs to give their relationships home and their conversations are not to be cancelled, you can even take your extra time to give more time to the ones you cherish most. 

We sincerely hope we could help you ease your mind and other peoples hearts and lives. Keep being as gracious as you are. The world needs your compassion right now.

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