The Wonders of Journaling


During the self-isolating time, I spent some time decluttering my room and my desk and I found multiple half-empty journals hidden. Am I the only one who owns at least 15 notebooks that are half used, but each is kept preciously in a safe space for when I will need them? It’s like I never wanted to ruin them by using them so I have accumulated a good pile of notebooks through the years, but it has only been a year that I’ve started journaling. When I was young, we called it writing a diary and it was laughed upon. It was kind of a loser thing girls did in movies, and obviously, it would end up being exposed to the entire school. Yet, in the last years, it has become very popular, especially in the YouTube community. For me, it has worked wonders.

Journaling is a very free form of expression. You get to choose the material (I have become very, very picky on my notebook and pen combination of choice, it’s kind of an issue), you get to write whatever you want, whenever you want. Some people do it every day, some do it when they have a specific thing in mind. The thing that makes it even better is that the more you write, the more you want to write. It’s amazingly satisfying. Some people keep track of their activities, their sleep pattern, their moods, or just use it to dig into their brain and write down their emotions, thoughts and discoveries. It is up to you. It can be scary, especially because it is so open. Trust me, once you find the right pen, the right paper, once you let your guards down and you let yourself open up, your brain starts spilling. You will discover so much about yourself through your own words. You will actually surprise yourself and wonder: “what, I wrote this? This is what I actually think?” Your brain already knows a lot, you just have to discuss with it.

Journaling is amazing for anxious minds, for depressed minds, for busy minds, for big feelings and for intense thinking, for travelling and self-discovery, for comfort and for remembering. Journaling is making you conscious of who you are and how you feel and it grounds you into reality and into your own brain.

I can hear you say “okay, I’m willing to try, but journal about what?” It is an exercise that takes practice. There are great prompts on the internet, but the best ones are in you already. When you feel something, anger, pain, joy, sadness, or you feel weird but you do not know why –  sit down in silence and start writing what comes in your head. It might not be an easy exercise because you have to open up and be vulnerable, but with time, you will recognize the patterns and behaviours you have. You will learn to love the process and knowing yourself will help you.

What better time than to start now? These are weird times and it might trigger a lot in your brain. Whether you feel lonely or you feel overwhelmed because there are too many people in your house, whether you’re anxious or you just want to find balance in this uncertain times, journaling will be there for you.

I am hoping to talk to you a bit more in the next few days and B0ld blog is here for you so give the Facebook page and the Instagram a follow because we do not want anyone to feel alone. Again, sweethearts, stay safe and take care of each other. Don’t be selfish and stay home, if not for your health, but for everyone else’s. 


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