No pressure


It’s Thursday. I need to hand in this article tomorrow. These are the first two lines that I wrote and I wrote them because well, you have to get started somewhere. In the past week, I had many ideas for this blog post. Yet, none of them seemed right. I know an idea isn’t that good if I don’t immediately want to start writing it. If even the planning makes me uninspired and seems forced, it’s no use, the subject won’t work out. Maybe one day it will, but as of now, it won’t. I keep it in my notebook and I try to move on.

I know we are all feeling weird and unsteady right now. Some people see it as a time to regroup, refocus and restart. Learn new things or do projects. Some people feel unmotivated to do anything other than Netflix all day. Other feel the pressure of thriving and being productive while they can barely get out of bed in the morning. I want you to know, there is no pressure. These times are far too unconventional and uncertain for me to put any kind of pressure on you. Do I encourage you to try and set a new routine, a “new normal” and to do the things that need to be done? Yes. Do I encourage you to take the time to reflect and change things in your life? Yes. Do I encourage you to be productive and maybe finally write that story you’ve been meaning to do? Yes. But will I put pressure on you to do all these things? No, never. Do what you can.

Yes, Shakespeare wrote a phenomenal work during the plague. But hey, good for him. You do not need to be the new Shakespeare. You can if you want to, but do not feel ashamed and bad because you don’t. Negative emotions are no fuel, they will get you nowhere, except maybe under your blankets while you cry your eyes out.

We all need to find new stability and sense of comfort right now. Now that we know this will last quite the time, we need to establish stability so we don’t go crazy. Here’s my little- flexible- plan if you haven’t figured out one yet.

If you are still doing school:

1.  Do a class every day, at the same time. My hour? 11am. It gives me time to wake up and do mindless tasks and not rush, but not enough that I get lazy and don’t want to do anything.

2.  Set a list of things to accomplish during your work time.

3.  Take breaks to stretch, walk around, go snack. Remember that even your in-class classes had breaks and they were appreciated.

4.  Separate your school environment from entertainment. When you are at your desk, you are working. If you’re not working, go somewhere else. It will help your mindset.

5.  When you are done, be done. Don’t overwork, or don’t drag it out. When you feel like you’re too tired to do anything worth it, stop.

6.  The important is to mix work and fun. Do things to unwind and to relax, things that make you feel better. You can check my last article for ideas if you don’t know anymore. (

My little tip is when in need of comfort: go back to old favourites. Things you know to work on you and make you feel better. Your favourite puzzle, your favourite series (even if it’s 14 seasons, you have time anyway!) your favourite novels.

So here’s another list of comforting things for me. (you can check out my list of soothing art, it’s still quite accurate) (

Blankets. All of the blankets. Comfy and soft. Pretty much all I need right now. Or anytime, really.

Tea. Works wonder when you want to feel productive AND when you want to unwind. Win-win.

Loved one (s). Right now, it’s kind of a bittersweet feeling, but someone you love by your side is always, always comforting. Even if it’s on facetime.

Fairy lights. I am unsure why but fairy lights in a dark room make me feel relaxed and happy. And also like a movie character, and I really dig that feeling.

Smells. Candles or essential oils, no matter what you prefer. Usually, I am not someone who loves smells but lately, they have been comforting.

Fiction. Probably my favourite thing is to forget this whole thing is even happening because I’m too caught up in fiction. Which is why my to-be-read pile is getting bigger.

Comfy clothes. I try to get into more “everyday clothes” when I do school work because it tricks your brain into getting out of “bed mode”. But as soon as my day is done, boy do I go back to my dear, weirdly accurate for the time, rainbow PJs.

Honestly? When I feel down, my friends send me pictures of Chris Evans. It might look shallow to you, sweethearts, but it works. Chris Evans is the ultimate feel-good for me hehe. So yes, I watch his movies a lot, all the time.

There is no right or wrong right now, sweethearts. Everyone is just trying to do the best they can with what they have. Stay safe, stay home, stay kind to you and others and take care of yourself and those around you as best as you can. There will never be a better time to love each other. Imagine when we will all get out. Imagine how happy we will be to see each other, how every little activity will feel like a privilege and how we will appreciate it more than ever. Maybe we will quickly go back to our ungrateful nature, but for a moment, no matter how short it is, we will maybe see how blessed we really are.

Hey, my article ended up looking not too shabby. See? Sometimes when you don’t know where to start, you just have to start somewhere, anywhere, but you gotta start walking. You’ll get somewhere eventually, or you’ll find where you want to go.

As usual, sweethearts, follow the Facebook and Instagram page (Seb is doing a great job with it, so encourage her!) and we will love you right back and bring you content to help ease the trouble away. Until next time, stay safe and kind and wash your hands! (and try not to put them in your mouth. Which is very hard for me. Whoops.) If anything, I hope this article felt like a warm hug and has helped you see that you are not alone and that we are all in this together. I’ll wait for you with a good book, soft music and a hot green tea. There is always a spot for you under my soft yellow blanket.


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