Isn’t it the most wonderful of times to care for yourself?

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As the situation is making it slightly harder than usual to keep sane, I felt like we deserved a treat. Working and studying from home. Being lonely or being too many. We all have our struggles. I see a lot of beautiful souls getting creative, a lot of beautiful mind seizing the opportunity but a lot of beautiful bodies seem to be lacking the love they utterly and completely deserve. 

In all of the chaos, Isn’t it the most wonderful of times to care for yourself?

  1.  For your beautiful feet that have walked you through so many adventures, give them the comfort of fuzzy socks and creams (that they probably desperately need). Polish your nails a pretty colour if you care for it, stretch your ankles and dance barefoot in the living room. Exfoliate and rub them, you can also try peeling mask to give you baby soft feet.  
  2. For your splendid legs that carry you everywhere you care to be, allow them to rest, stretch them or walk to nowhere special so they can loosen their muscles
  3. For this dazzling chore that holds your posture proud and supports you in all your greatness, permit it to eat the foods that make it both happy and healthy, authorize it to have this ungracious yoga session in the middle of your living room without any shame (after all, we can’t all be pros). 
  4. For this torso that holds your kind heart and noble soul, fill its lungs with fresh air and deep breaths Rub in essential oils and untighten the chest through guided meditation, it will help with your overall stress, focus and mental health. 
  5. For this neck that embraces your lovely face, authorize it to snuggle in front of a movie or to rest on your hand as you read a book. Massage and relax the muscles as much as needed, unclench your jaw and loosen your shoulders (no slouching) and perfume it so that all day you smell delightful for yourself and yourself only, after all, you deserve it.  
  6. For your superb face, let it experience the first rays of sun on Sundays and the last ones at twilight on a Friday. Learn how to treat it right and how to care for it properly. Understanding skin types is not sorcery and will save you money, time but also the signs of wisdom showing too much (you know … wrinkles). Allow your traits to relax and your facial muscles to loosen. 
  7. For these luscious lips, grant them with the ability to speak kind words more regularly to the ones you cherish. Hydrate them with balm and let them savour the great silences and waves of laughter. Indulge in smiling more often and sharing it from afar with strangers that pass by. Exfoliate your lips and hydrate them with oils, send kisses to your loved ones.  
  8. For this lovely nose, let it scent the flowers, as well as the new dishes you may want to try to cook. Thank it with the smell of fresh sheets and open windows on rainy days. Put a few drops of essential oils in your humidifier and breath deeply.  
  9. For your splendid eyes that allow you to see all the wonders of the world, insist on them seeing the small details, the beauty of simpler things. Hydrate your lashes and get enough sleep. 
  10.  For your strong armslet them carry the groceries of your elderly neighbours and hug the ones you are lucky enough to have close to you. 
  1. For these beautiful hands, let them help another, wash them with care, and oblige them to return to the childish state of creatively assembling pieces of art, writing poems and brushing through your hair.  After washing your hands, make sure to hydrate them, you can even put a generous amount on your hands and sleep with gloves on to make sure it absorbs the most of it. Give your nails a break from harsher chemicals and paint them with clear reinforcing polish and rub oil onto your cuticles. 
  1. For your perfectly flawed skin that wears the scars of a lifetime of happiness and struggles, give it the masks and the creams and the massaging it deserves. Bath it in lukewarm water with bubble bath and Epsom salt. Drink plenty of water.

Your body is your temple and in these precarious time, even more so. If being in quarantine means I can drink plenty of herbal tea, stretch out fully, catch up on my sleep schedule and fill my mind with new knowledge, then you may as well embrace it fully. 

Make the most of this time you have for yourself, if all you have are your body, your mind and your soul, may as well challenge the whole set to reach new heights. 

For most of your life, you have known selfish minds – and maybe even masterminds of selfishness- however right now, the universe balances weirdly, some people are giving it their all and we thank then with all our hearts, whilst others are stuck home and all they can do is be selfish and land a hand whenever they can. 

So as you are forced to be selfish, be really selfish. Be selfish about how you consume your time and how you think your thoughts. be selfish about what you eat and when you eat it. Be selfish about the books you read and the music you listen, be selfish with how you dance in the kitchen, who you contact, who you feel at peace not contacting, be selfish with your heart and all that comes with. 

If being in quarantine means that you can apply great discipline to your selfishness, to heal and to grow, then I hope you do it fully. I hope very instant is used wisely to delightfully lighten up your darknesses. I hope you use this time to know yourself. Because after all, that is what it is all about, knowing ourselves so we can better ourselves. Greatness comes from the knowledge of one’s self.

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I believe in you, 

xx Your Boldest Friend

Photo by Brigitte Tohm

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