How to feel at your best wherein uncertainty:

Quiet life: sitting on the sofa with my tea, my partner and my blanket, tapping away my thoughts and projects on my computer. That really is my happy place- OR NOT. I wish I could say so, but here is a better version of the truth while we have no other choice but to stay at home.

In a world still recovering with the coronavirus situation, let me take a few minutes of your time to tell you how much of a challenge it is for some people – like me – to stay home and listen to the recommendations of the different governments. More and more we are seeing the world around us changing and adapting to the rules related to coronavirus, which is great news. But let’s be honest here; not everyone can suddenly change everything they were used to do in a clap of a hand. 

As for myself, I am used to being busy and out of my house all the time, I had big adjustments to do and to work on. I recognize how much we are living in times of uncertainty and perhaps it’s very insecurising for some, but one thing is absolutely certain: you should not stop living your life. That’s what I realized!

During this current period – which amusingly might be studied by future generations-  it’s the perfect time to make the best out of you. To take care of your body and recharge your soul, surrounding yourself with things and ideas that are good and authentic. It’s time for learning new skills and refresh your home space with positive vibes. The lack of socialising, of outdoor activities and natural light, can have highly bad effects on you. Especially if mixed with the lack of sun if you live on the north shore, the daily news brainwashing us and then staying in.  

It’s definitely easy to browse endlessly on Instagram and scroll onto youtube to watch every new video from our favourite channels, but while these options are good and easily accessible, they are absolutely devastating for people like me – who can not stand to stay home that much and who are not used to scroll through social media during infinite hours. If you are more of an introvert person, you will clearly relate to my friend’s post: Introverting at its finest. But if you usually find happiness in going out, seeing a lot of people, hanging and working in public spaces, here are my tips and remember, I am facing the same challenges as you do, I obviously understand that it’s not easy, but greats things happen when your patient. So here are my ideas of how to take care of you while staying indoors.

no1.  Take a look back over your life

We are constantly fed words and quotes and ideas about how you should “never look back because you should live in the present”, but sometimes you have to take a stroll through your past and your archives to truly appreciate how things have become and how things that you have created are awesome. I think, that to be able to move forward, especially in times of unclarity and insecurity, you should take a step back, think, process and refresh your mind of what you have been through to get where you are now. 

no2. Flush away negative energies and thoughts

Cleansing your mind and your personal space of bad energies and making your time at home enjoyable, is the key to wanting to spend a little more time on your own each day. As I said in my previous post (Two options: evolve or repeat)engage with positivity and positivity will become part of you are. If you watch the news all the time, you will obviously start, at some point, to overthink everything you hear and see. I recommend that you flush away all this negativity and focus only on your well-being, your positivism and your happy place. Find or create yourself a safe zone, a safe area where you can blossom and cherish your thoughts and projects. Do things differently and make it happen! 

no3. Create yourself a routine 

It’s very helping – even insanely important – to create yourself a routine. Enjoy this period to create the best routine for you since you have time. It will provide you with a certain structure and a sense of security. Think about what happens when children are off their routines. You might already know that’s bad news. So how about older ones? Actually, as adults, we also thrive in the structure of routines. You’ll likely feel off-balanced if you encounter an interruption in your daily routine on a regular basis. A habit you have is already a routine. My point is, while we all have to stay home and modify our habits, take this time you are given to create new habits, starting from that list of things you keep wishing to integrate to the life as you knew it before now.

no4. Take care of yourself

Now, more than ever, make sure you have a healthy diet. One that will provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs. Of course, a bit of snacking is always allowed and fun, but we all know that staying in doesn’t mean just snacking all day long. There are many ways to exercise at home too. You can swap your usual choices of youtube videos for exercises and yoga channels. Look for yoga tutorials or workout routines. There are no excuses, everything is accessible on the web. Also, this will play a good part in both your physical and mental health.

no.5  Keep yourself busy

Take time for yourself and enjoy creativity. Write a book, do some journaling, practice your photography, cook, bake, paint, do your makeup – as we all wish to be makeup artist of our own- do anything you always wanted to do but never had time for. Now you have time to do all those things, so stop complaining and go ahead! In my case, every morning, I wake up, I dress like any other workday and I’m going for it. Plus, if after this confinement you haven’t learned a new skill, changed your routine and started to create a new side project, it pretty much is the best indicator that it’s not that you never had time before, it’s that you lack discipline.

no6. Set goals

Set yourself a plan and follow it every day. Like you usually plan your week and your meetings and activities, now plan your stay at home. Like so very well said in this previous article: How to take action on your visions and make them a reality.  It is very important to have a vision, it sets the whole mood, the whole vibe of who you are, the essence of your project. So it’s going to help you get through this time at home, it’s going to guide you and it’s indeed, the first step to a great routine. It’s not about the money, nor is it about fame. It’s about determination and courage. We may not fight over land anymore, but we certainly will fight over what we cherish (HORVATH, A.M.).  

As for me, I am steady and trying my best to bring my mojo back and start my day off well, planning it out. I make sure that my plan always aligns with my overall goals for the period. Here is one more tip: create SMART goals; goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.  And so, the best way to stay home without feeling the blues or feeling trap is to love being at home to do whatever you love to do. It has also meant for me personally, to have an emotional connection to my habits, to my routine and to my goals. Though there is no way to buy it, I hope my tips will help you to create yours. When you take care of yourself, of your house, of your brain, it will all take care of you back. Hopefully, my ideas will help you feel more grounded and less insecure about this uncertain time.

  • with all my love, B
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