Why Love conquers all

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There are two versions of you. There is the one that you are and the one that you want to be, some say you have to draw a line in the middle and that is who you truly stand, but I’d much rather say that one is the person you have been your whole life and the other is the one you know deep down you both are and need to be.

Over time, one may think that it all ha to do with practice and discipline day after day to finally be the very best version of yourself, and in many ways, it is true, but there is one element on the top of the list that can never be overlooked if you truly desire to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be – shall we put it simply, it is love. 

Love conquers all. 

Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

Not in a shabby way nor in a glorious sense, not in the way two lovers hold hands alongside La Seine neither the way a mother loves her child, but in a much personal and a rather unique way.

Affirmation no.10: I do everything out of love. 

f you have not read the article on the power of affirmation you may want to have a look into it to understand fully this series. 

Love is often perceived as a feeling, but truly it is the way you act. It may start as a feeling but it only winds up in the action you take. Love is only acting in a kinder and better way towards yourself, your environment and others. 

The direction it takes is rather simple and the way to implement it in your daily routine and lifestyle only really requires consciousness and the right mindset.  

First of all, towards yourself. If love should be anywhere, it should be within you first. Self-love comes in different ways, it is a lot of work towards optimism, but mostly not to settle, because you know you owe it to yourself to love yourself, and this is what should push you forward – discipline = love. Now, discipline may have the connotation to be harsh and strong, demanding and strict but truly, love towards yourself is only discipline. It is the strength to stop yourself and regain control when you are having negatives thoughts. To have enough love for yourself to take care of your body by eating healthy and moving, to take care of your mind by keeping it stimulated and educated and yet knowing when to let it rest. To take care of your soul by giving back and taking, to forgive yourself and others in order to move on. It is the books you read and the music you listen and the shows you watch, the words you use, the thoughts you think, it is how you use your time, it is how you define your priorities, how much do you love yourself when you look it like such? 

Once you are able to love yourself, you can push this love towards others in everything you do. As humans we love other people naturally, often way before we can even love ourselves properly, but to truly pour love in all you do, especially towards others – including strangers, you have to master self-love first. It helps with creating boundaries but also with making sure you are not imposing unnecessary limits on what you have to power to accomplish. If self-love is to stop negativity towards ourselves, then loving others is to stop negativity towards them, no matter the situation. The basic is rather simple: manners. Manners are above all the kindest way to do something, it shows great care and respect of others. Treating everyone, from the CEO to the Gardener, in the same manner, it shows great character and good heart, everyone deserves kindness. Furthermore, it is how you make others feel welcomed, how you smile to strangers, opening doors and hearts wherever you go. Love towards everyone depends on your capacity to adapt and to listen, showing you care through empathy based on how you react. Kindness is the best way to show love daily.

Now when it comes to pouring love towards your environment such as your home, other’s home, planet earth, the only rule is: care. Care for the surroundings, manipulate and act around with care, that’s the only way you can show love to inanimate objects. Take care of what you have and other’s belongings. It is as simple as that, do not be rude towards anything, nor people nor objects nor plants nor animals … do things with care and consideration. It is in the way clean, you cook, you need to be gracious in all you do, it is not about being perfect in all situation, it is about being respectful and grateful of what you own and what others own. 

Every single day, make it a choice, a priority. Know what’s your power over your life, know that who you aim to start with choosing who you are today.  Choose to be the person that makes you feel good about yourself. Choose the one that brings to higher grounds and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Love must win over automatism, don’t settle for less than the best of who you can, you are worth fighting for. Let love be your only manner. 

B0LD is the home for love and graciousness, we sincerely hope this article inspired you for more kindness and love in your daily life.

Here is a great book on the art of being gracious : Gracious: A Practical Primer on Charm, Tact, and Unsinkable Strength.

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