Letter from the editor – Goodbye my dearest July and Hello August

Hello and Welcome,


July was about the lessons, the harsh ones we might not have been ready to see, but we steadily stood to receive. We listened and we learnt, we saw that life, even after all its aches, still continues. As restaurants reopened and we shared the first meal with a friend, we felt as if for the first time in a long time, that everything, would indeed, be alright. 

No matter how long the darkness would beam on our world, we would always find a way to light up our sky. We found new ways to share the love and we became more generous in our manner, we smile with our eyes more, so that behind our masks, a stranger could feel like they were seen and smiled upon. We bought locally, so that our small hustlers, could keep doing what they loved. We saw artists flourishing in adversity, stuck with so much time on their hands they used it for the greater good. We saw students, both desperate and courageous enough, pushing through their studies no matter how difficult it was learning on their own and how painful it was to study from afar. We saw teachers, being more creative than ever to provide an education to their protégés. We saw the youngs reaching out to older generations to lend a hand when the situation was critical. We saw dreamers becoming doers in the midst of chaos, feeling the urge to finally start working on their dreams to make them a reality. We saw warriors of our society on the front line, caring for the sick. We saw people of all races reunited for the same cause, supporting their brothers and sisters of colour. We had to learn to listen to the story we were not thought and consequently knowing we still had a lot to do and learn in order for justice to be served rightfully.  

We talked about the things we missed, we talked about the people we have missed even more. We talked about how we long for the nights out, to go out and dance until we can not feel our feet anymore or the nights spent at the theatre sharing a laugh with the person on the seat next to ours. We, however, learnt to use our time differently, we learnt to rest and to appreciate the small things whilst seeing the bigger picture, we learnt to give back and care for our neighbours. We learnt to fall in love from 6 feet apart or … how to let go and let communication die out. 

July was the heartache of seeing some people we have loved dearly leave, some we were not ready to let go, others we finally breath in and stopped holding on to. It was about comprehending that loving each other from a distance was not the same but it could be done if you really put in the effort because, in the end, we now know that “the most precious things we can hold on to, is each other”. We learned that it was not about not letting the ones you love slipping away, but it was much more about ourselves sticking there and letting them not WE were not going anywhere. We wondered what the ones we cared about were up to, we picked up the phone more often and we let them know how much we loved them. 

July was about wondering if we’d ever recover, the eternal optimists were sure, some of us just wanted to hide under the covers, the mind being a mess in all case and the heart felt as heavy as could be as we wait for brighter days, nose plunged in our at-home projects.

But then, just like dusk, August crawls over our sky with the bright light of promises. One last month of summer bliss and warm weather, one more month of sun rays and hot days. Like a love letter, we welcome August and its warmth in our hearts, making room for more of this life. After all we have been through, we can safely attest that this life needs to be treasured for all its instants and events, its people and places. 

B0LD always was about reaching your full potential but it is in the face of adversity that we get to grow the most. August may bring its challenges, come what may, flowers only flourish after the rain. Happiness simply is acceptance, forgiveness and short term memory, happiness simply is the harmony between one and the life he lives, and you may want to conquer the world, and take your rightful place at the top, but in all fairness, the top can only be reached by taking the stairs, and each step may be small, and the rising may be long, but what matters is that you take each step as it comes. 

May August bring you growth and power, may it fill your soul with light and your skull with stars, may it leave your heart full and your agenda even fuller. May you conquer the world that is yours, may you chase your dreams whatever they may be, may you make things happen for yourself and may you help others reaching their full potential by allowing yourself to be the very best version of yourself. 

For what is worth, 

I believe in you, 

xx Your Boldest Friend 

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

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