Why Being (and Befriending) a Bookworm Will Better Your Life


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As you may know already if you’ve been following my articles in the past few months, I am a huge bookworm. I might have become more of a bookworm with the Big Bad Pandemic, actually. Which is one of the only positive points of the last few months: books have made a comeback in my life and I am overexcited about it. I have also decided that sharing that passion was important to me and I wish everyone would be a bit of a bookworm because books, stories and information are the best friends you need. If you’re really not interested in being at least a part-time bookworm, let me tell you why having a bookworm as a friend is also ideal.

Bookworms are compassionate and empathetic. They are used to witness other people’s adventures, ebbs and flows, highs and lows, bad moves, great decisions, lives. They are used to embark in one’s adventure or even one’s mind. They have lived many lives through pages and that builds up their empathetic side because they are most likely to understand you and feel for you, and want to follow you along your journey. Bookworms listen and care. They are also great listeners because they are used to stay quiet and focused on reading, so they can spend time listening to you and your story as well.

They are great at finding solutions to problems. Bookworms are used to story plots, struggles and problems, and can often guess the ending of a story or how the character could react. They have acquired a lot of possible solutions for multiple problems. Chances are, your problems might remind them of something they read about.

They always have a book recommendation or inspiring book quotes to share, plus they have a lot of knowledge on a lot of subjects so they can have interesting conversations. No, not all bookworms are snobs who read only classics. Yes, reading makes you learn a lot, gets your brain growing, but not everyone likes to analyze and tear a book apart scholarly. Most bookworms also enjoy being able to detach from cognitive pressure and just enjoy a quiet moment in another world. I am part of those who usually really hate studying a book in school because I don’t enjoy the “intellectual” vibe you have to act out. Reading isn’t this high-class hobby and as bookworms, we shouldn’t act snob if someone has never read a certain book. Be excited because they will have the joy to discover that book. We should encourage each other, not snob each other. I mostly despise classics, I can’t understand them and I just find them usually boring. (Except Sherlock Holmes, that is a masterpiece). Maybe I’m not intellectual enough, maybe they’re overrated, or maybe you don’t need complicated words to be intelligent. Obviously, if you like classics, kudos to you and sunshine over your head because you are a rare species and I admire you for that. My favourite genres are romance, Young adult, historical thrillers and crime books. I deeply enjoy a simple story and most bookworms aren’t the snobs we imagine they are. I say we all stop pretending to like books we can’t stand. Free the books, free the readers!

Bookworms are usually good at analyzing and understanding people. They will understand you faster than you do sometimes because again, they have lived so many lives through words and they have seen specific types of characters or behaviours. They can spot the mean guy miles away, so your bookworm friend will help you eliminate baddies from your life too.

If you ever find yourself a bookworm friend, here are a few guidelines to take care of them. And if you’re ever in the amazing club of bookworms with me, here are a few self-care tips.

Careful, don’t go to a bookstore with them unprepared. You must prepare snacks and drinks and maybe a few hours because they will come prepared with a list of possible finds and they will hunt them down until they are drained of every single drop of their introvert energy (which might be surprising lasting because bookworms have impossible stamina for books). Don’t let them loose or they’ll come back with a bag too heavy for them to carry but a huge giggly smile on their face. You may need to tell them when to stop buying because they will most likely not be able to stop themselves on their own. Bookshops are their favourite places but it brings out a wild part of their personality. Be careful.

Listen to their book talk. They might not be shy people, but chances are they are introverted. They might not like to share, but if they have a good book in their hands, there are possibilities that they will want to scream, cry, laugh or just babble about it. Listen to them, because it’s a part of their heart they are giving to you. They are not just telling you about the story, they are opening up about what touched them, what moved them. If you listen carefully, you will hear who they are through what they like.

Don’t know what to give them for their birthday? A book! A bookshop gift card! (Extra points if it’s for a local one!) You can ask them a list of books they would like to receive or just offer them a gift card for them to go on their own personal hunt. It will make them think of you when they hold and read that book. If you give them a book, you can even write a little note in it, depending on if your bookworm hates writing in books or not, but that will remind them of you always.

Take care of your bookworms, and bookworms, of yourselves. If you are not interested in becoming one, take care of the ones around you. They are magical soft creatures and you will discover a lot through them. I think there is a book for everyone, you just need to find it. I’m a strong believer in book soulmates. It’s cheesy but it’s a thing, I swear. The B0ld gang is a bunch of bookworms and we are always here to guide you and help you in your book journey, so make sure to like and follow us to be updated whenever we post. I’d love to know what you’re reading currently or what your favourite genres are!

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3 thoughts on “Why Being (and Befriending) a Bookworm Will Better Your Life”

  1. If we’re talking someone in real life, i’d say Seb. She has seen me in my full bookshoppping glory and she never judges when i order one more book online. She is the best companion because she won’t judge but just helps me carry one more book out of the bookstore. i can get excited about books with her and she shares it right back. she’s a good bookworm friend.
    if we are talking fictionally, as in who is the character that i would go with, i have a few…i do have a very recurrent type of characters i tend to go to..soft, kind, funny, warm and comfortable men. i’m much more of a “look at the man” rather than “yass i wanna be that girl!” type of reader.. hehe.


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