Letter from the editor – September, you made us want to be better

You came into my life with your colours and our crisp mornings together. I gazed into your eyes September, lost in your sunlight, bathing in your warmth, falling for you like leaves fall from trees, breathing in the first perfumes of Autumn, I found myself wanting to be better for you.

Hello and Welcome, 


September came with its challenges, with its golden streams, we believed. It came with its storms, the ones we can’t take shelter from, but we waited for the sun again, and here we are, breathing in our last day and our first, stepping into October head held high.

We have, with Seb, looked at the best way to either speak or stay silent, to choose between telling our truths or spare it for the greater good. We wondered if some messages are best left untold in her post Is it better to speak or die? In her mindblowing analysis we find peace in the space of in-betweens, the grey zone in which we stand when you wonder, should I speak or take my thought to the grave?

We reviewed The Kissing Booth with Béka, discovering the lessons and morals behind the softness of teenager love. We looked at harsher truths of love and the greatness definitions of it. We learnt to see a strong & independent role model in characters we could have mistaken for undecided & unsure. We dug deeper into the true meaning behind a classic of this generation in the article The Kissing booth- A lesson behind the fluff. From the same author, we then enjoyed a full exposé on the art of dreaming bigger, how to’s and the truth behind every success story. Béka unveils the myths of successes and highlights brilliantly the greatness of characters it really takes to get there, we suggest you read it as it is a genius new perspective beautifully written on the subject:  The truth behind the art of dreaming bigger.

From Aimée, we got to relish two comforting pieces as the weather gets colder. First, she reveals an intimate exposé on the introvert reader, not for them but for the rest of us. In Why Being (and Befriending) a Bookworm Will Better Your Life she jollily portrays the sweetest sides of a bookworm and how they will make your life a whole lot better. Splendidly written, it will surely make you smile as you think of yourself or your bookworm friend(s). Whilst her first article of the month left us warm and fuzzy, her second masterpiece had us melt to the bone as she explains in details How To build A Safeplace. In this time of uncertainty as we have to work from home more and more, the whole dynamic of a household can drastically change and Aimée portrays it sublimely letting us in her own home. 

Finally, I personally reviewed with you the 5 modern major rules of having impeccable manners – which you can read by clicking right here – as I extensively explain each rule with the reasons and importance of their being. 

As October knocks at our doors, we are going to look deeper into the greatness versus the toxicity of social media, the good and bad relationships we have when it comes to icons, the many possible realities and much more. As October knocks at our door, we hope you step into your season’s boots with your head in the game and your eyes on the prize. We want you to keep your soul aligned, at peace and grounded to the fullest. We aspire you to keep your mind focused, your standards high and your goals even bigger. We wish that you take care of your body as it is your home and that you feel at home with your own self. 

So as October knocks at our doors, cosy up in the depths of your heart and be prepared to face this month knowing that you can achieve anything you put your energy in. Know that by making the conscious decision of being better you are doing better and you are working towards being the very best version of yourself, do not give up and do not let anything stop you from reaching your full potential. Do not underestimate yourself, 

and for what it’s worth. 

I believe in you, 

Goodbye September, Hello October.

xx Your Boldest friend 

Photo by Ian Beckley

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