On The Importance Of Making The Most Of What You Have

Lovely Monday morning, sweethearts!


This morning I went on a brisk, rainy morning walk through the woods. The leaves of October are my favourite, perfectly coloured, half in the trees, half creating a red carpet under my feet. My yellow raincoat and I were particularly happy to walk under the rain, music in my ears and wonder in my eyes. As I write this piece, it is the first day of 28 days of semi-lockdown where I live. As may be many of you other students or at-home workers, I am already pretty much always in my house all day every day, anyway. I thought it wouldn’t make a big difference for me. The thing is, my birthday is soon. Note that I am not particularly a party kind of gal, but the thought of spending my birthday without being able to see most of my family or my closest friend made me sad. Yesterday, as I drove to my best friend’s house to quickly pick up my gift, I cried. I was sad and mad that just two days later and I could’ve seen my people for my special day. On the way back, I thought it would teach me a lesson. When you have the time and the opportunity, love your people. I thought of all the birthdays I didn’t plan anything special, or all the moments I could’ve seen my friends but was too lazy to do so, because as cliché as it is, you might never be able to do it again.

We often think about that when someone close to us dies. We think of everything we could’ve done better, all the efforts we should’ve done in order to show that person how much we love them, all the energy we selfishly kept to ourselves, for oftentimes, dumb reasons.

There is no checklist to this, there are no easy tips: just show up.

When you can, show them how much you love them and take time to make them feel seen, happy and loved. They don’t have to be in their lowest points for you to take time out for them and take care of them. Everything is meaningless if you are alone, even thriving. You can’t thrive alone. Who will you share your success with? You can’t grow old with money nor fame nor a job. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is other humans. Other humans require time and energy and efforts, but if you do it right, they will put the same energy and efforts in the relationship.

You might not be able to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a Holiday or birth the way you would love this year. I am sorry, I feel for you. Which is why I hope in the future when things settle down somehow, you remember these lost moments and you put efforts and energy into the ones you can actually celebrate. I hope you learn your lesson like I wish I will, and learn to embrace every single moment you have while you have it. I know it is extremely cliché, and I know it is something you understand but only fully grasp when it happens to you, but it is necessary to remind ourselves of this. We are temporary. We have so little time and we matter so little in the History of everything. So why not do what makes you happy and enjoy an adventurous and fulfilled life while you can.

I know these times are not easy, I know they will mark our lives forever and they will create many problems for our future and the future generation. I know it is challenging on so many levels and this is why we have to hold onto each other, take care of each other, and check up on each other. We, humans, are all we have. We are tiny and weak apart but we are so stronger together. My mom likes to say, and I leave this piece of advice to you too that “we are faster alone, but stronger together”. So let’s slow down, appreciate the nice, frisky but beautiful weather and work on being stronger together, even 6 feet apart.

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Crispy leaves footsteps and applesauce kisses,


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