Schrodinger experiment in real life – a theory on how to create your own reality

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 Coffee in one hand, the tip of my nose frozen by the autumn air, I inhale and I exhale, the whole world paused at this instant, giving me a moment to think. There are versions of me I love and versions of me I wish did not exist. As I waltz through October, I meet myself in different ways and I come to the conclusion that I, for one, choose to be the very best I can be every instant, the effort may be considerable, but the satisfaction from it is greater. 

In Quantum Science, there is an experiment that suggests we live in parallel universes, reseachers have called it the Cat experiment of Schrödinger. Explaining it simply, very simply, Schrödinger states that if you place a cat and a radioactive atom (which would kill the cat) in a box and seal it, you would not know if the cat was dead or alive until you opened the box, thus until the box was opened, the cat was (in a sense) both “dead and alive”. It creates two realities in which the cat both exists, being both alive and dead. 

Therefore, following the same idea, until you take action on something, you have both done it and not. There is a famous quote that states “ you are only one decision away from a completely different life “, thus you have either made yourself the better version of yourself or you have not, you have either changed the world or you have not. You have either made the right decision or you haven’t.

The question, however, remains: how do you choose the right course of actions? How does one stop and is certain that one is on the right track? Some people feel like they keep on making the “wrong” choices, but truth is, they are no wrong choices, there simply is a lack of purpose and focus. Fortunately, there is a simple way to keep your eyes on the prize. 

When you envision who you can be and who you want to be, you may think the road to the destination is long. Truth be told, you would most certainly not be wrong, however, we so often focus so much on everything we have to do that we forget to do what really matters.  There is a rule of priority by which you can live that will help you save time and get to the destination in a much more fashionable matter. It will keep the road simple, clearer and will allow you to prioritize your life. The Pareto rule suggests that 20% of all you do results for 80% of all outcomes, therefore by focusing on the things you can do that will bring you the most result, you inevitably get more out of a day. It may sound rather obvious, but there is a whole science behind the art of prioritizing and choosing actions that are meaningful and impactful in your life. We may not realize it but we spend an awful lot of time on meaningless tasks done half right because we think they are necessary, but there is always a way to do things rightly and fully so that they have a greater impact when done. From cooking to training to studying or to building a business, the principle always applies, focus on what matters most, what will bring you more on the longterm and act accordingly. Do not fall in the traps of momentary satisfaction if it costs you on the bigger picture, focu on what you want and what will bring you closer to it.

Once you prioritize your schedule you have to make sure your schedule is aligned with who you are. Some people will know what matters most to them and yet not align with it. They will disrespect their values every day without ever noticing. But think of those moments when you feel closest to the best version of yourself, when you feel really really greatly about your actions and who you are, when your soul feels sparkly, your mind sharp and your heart happy. Is it after working really hard on a certain project? Or maybe after ballet class? Or after reading a good book? Or wearing that special outfit? Or maybe it’s just getting your cup of coffee in the morning? Truth is, whatever brings that version of you out and reminds you of who you should be, do it. Do more of that, do more of what inspires you and of what aligns with the life you want to create, do more of what reminds you of your power, hang around people who get that version of you out, who push you to do better, and who remind you constantly that you have all the potential in the world to achieve your goals. 

Once you know what brings out the best of you, you have to question everything else. It’s a necessary task in order to get there, trust the process. If you truly want to make a change, this step will come natrally but truth is, it takes a lifetime to build habits and routines and the character for the life that you want. To start making a change you have to ask yourself the right questions. You have to ask yourself “ is what I am doing supporting the life I am trying to create for myself ?”, we often act in function of the reality we live in, but you have to focus on acting accordingly to the reality you want. At what time do you wake up? How many hours do you spend on projects that matter to you? Do you work out? Are the habits you currently have are the ones that will help you level up? If by reading this you sense the urgency in your bones to make a change in your lifestyle, it’s good! Once you realize that you can shape your days for the person you want to be instead of the person you are, you change your reality. Focus on being better than yesterday, you can always do better.

Once you have revised the questions that shape your schedule, you can work on mindfulness. Being mindful is the act of being present a 100% in the moment. Just like focus, mindfulness is a muscle you can work on. Be present for the life you want, choose to work on it every single day. Make the conscious decision to choose your reality, remember that in one of them you are acting full of purpose and in the other you are waiting for life to happen to you, it is a matter of choosing who you are and who you will be. Place reminders for yourself – I personally tattooed it on my ribs, but you can definitely go with something less permanent such as alarms, notes, wallpapers, etc. Stop during the day and focus on your breathing, on your beating heart, focus on where you are and who you are, then pour your energy towards that. You will notice that when you put a 100% in what you do and you are a 100% there, you do not regret anthing, because you did the very best you could – whether it is in a relationships, in work or on your personal development journey, once you get a taste of what being fully there is like, how you are so grounded and aligned, how you can’t regret anything because no opportunity are passed and no actions are left untaken, you start living fully and you can’t go back. Being mindful is like lifting your own limiting beliefs and allowing yourself to be the best of you at all times. Remembering who you are to yourself is a task of consistency and daily efforts but you will see yourself growing. And when you notice how growth affects your life so positively you will be more inclined to focus on it regularly, if not constantly. You may want to read August I extended my grace through you  or for some more insight on how to be present. 

It is mid-October already, have you been present for the best version of yourself or have you settled for a lesser great you? Are you psuhing yourself to greater heights or are you being complacent ? It is still time, put your mind in a place of growth and make space for the life you want to create. Leave a comment down below on how and which sphere of your life you will try to be more mindful, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

I believe in you, 

Always have,

Always will,

xx Your Boldest Friend.

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