Letter from the editor – October, we almost drowned in you.

 Dear October, you challenged my beliefs, my opinions, my sense of duty and my abilities. I drowned in all you brought but through your tsunamis, I learnt to build a boat, and as the sea rises, like Noah, I float with what I need to conquer November.

Hello & Welcome 


October came in pretty colours, at its darkest hours, we found ourselves glistening in the dark on our own –  it came with shorter days but longer hours at work,  studying or wondering: where is this going? October came swirling in, and we danced to its rhythms, maybe a few mistakes here and there, but that’s just the B0LD way, plus we learnt from them, haven’t we? 

On things we learnt, we have seen not only  the effects of social media but truly helpful guidelines to have a positive impact on your plateforms with Seb in her brilliant article : A Thesis on open-mindedness part 2.  

Aimée’s October’s delights were just much needed as the cold steps in, we get to step into her world as she tells us on how to make the most of what we have in her article On The Importance Of Making The Most Of What You Have. She also gifted us a lovely insight on mindfulness this autumn and making it as autmny as possible in How To Make October Feel Like October

With Béka we then have had an inspiring and colourful analysis of Icons and the whole principle of it in her latest writings  Devil’s advocate: inspiring souls or ideal branded Icons?

Finally, you can read about Shrodinger’s cat experiment from Quantum Science and how to create your own reality, and how one influences the other in my latest article Schrodinger experiment in real life – a theory on how to create your own reality

This November we are going to revise a few basics of life of the present, yesterdays and tomorrows, how to make the most of it and go through it all with graciousness, dignity and drive. Things may not always go your way but give your 100% anyway, nothing is quite as extraordnary as giving your all and seeing where it brings you, give yourself the best chances to succeed by showing up for yourself. 

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again, learn to not give in and to keep striving for excellence. You’ve got this. 

I believe in you, 

Always have,

Always will

xx Your Boldest Friend

Photo by Ekrulila

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