2020 lookback before enjoying the holiday season

Lovely Monday, sweethearts!

Long time no see, huh? Life has been somehow hectic and too calm lately and I know that’s a contradiction but it’s 2020 so…nothing is surprising anymore. Good news though, I finished my semester and I’m sure by the time you’re reading this, you’ll be close to an end as well. As happy as I am after a big finals week, I’m also a little scared. What will I do without the school routine? I actually enjoyed having my days filled, even from home. Guess what I’ll do? Read my head off, that’s what I’ll do.

However, one other thing I will do is look back on the year. I know it’s not the greatest year to revisit, but I am sure we all have learned something about us during the last months. So I wanted to share a few things I learned about me in the hope of making you think too.

One major thing I learned is that I’m a big homebody. First of all, I learned the word. I always knew I loved my space and being home but this year really made it clear. I don’t need to leave the house to be content. Actually, I don’t really ever want to leave the house. I have everything I need right here. Blankets, tea, books, fuzzy socks and PJs. The occasional movie or tv show and I’m a happy gal.

This year consolidated the fact that books are my absolute favourite thing in the world. I already knew that, but now it’s just evident that they are my best friends and my comfort place. Books are the place that I go when I need comfort, peace or joy. During this year, I found my love for reading again and if that’s the only good thing about 2020, I’m happy with it. Every year I have a reading goal, usually around 50 books. This year, I am almost at 100! (11 books to go that I’m hoping to complete during December) Can you imagine what a hundred book pile is? It blew my mind that 100 new stories made their way into my brain and my heart. 100 new friends.

This year, my life changed completely a few times, just like you. I was forced home, forced to slow down, just like you. Then, 7 new people came to live with us and that was a huge deal in my life as well. Throughout this whole process, I have learned that I am resilient. It might take me a week or two, but I can adapt to pretty much everything.

I rediscovered nature, especially this fall. Near my house, there is a forest that I didn’t know as well as I thought. I discovered new paths and I found a great sense of wonder looking at the seasons change through nature. I learned that nature has a bigger place in my heart than I thought and that it brings out the best in me to reconnect with it. As I grow up, I’m less and less of a city person.

I’m sure there are a lot of other things I don’t think about right now because as hard as this year was, it also brought up a lot of positive. If you would love to also review your year, there is a series of four videos on that topic that helps you go along your path. I will link the first one which is on celebrating the small wins. I encourage you to follow this series as it helps you look back. You will probably have to think a little bit, but you will see that there is more positive and opportunities to grow than you thought.  how to reset for 2021: reflect & celebrate small wins (week 1) – YouTube

I hope the Holidays will be sweet on you and you will find joy within you. We will do our best to help you feel warm and cosy as well. Stay safe and stay sane.

 Hot cocoa kisses and Holiday hugs, 


Photo by Oleg Zaicev

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