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There are many texts about excellence on this platform, many more about elegance, and so many about success in each sphere of your life, but I was once asked what to me was the single most important to reach all of these and the only answer that would be adequate is and always would be striving for excellence.

On days when certain things are harder nothing makes it easier but a dedication to edify and cultivate a good heart, excellency of the heart. Nothing should ever make you prouder than having the best of intentions and taking action well grounded into your values. Your interactions and course of actions should be aligned with a version of you you take pride in, you should act in a way that fulfills you in the best of ways. Over the years of business management, and group projects at University, or simply with the people I love most, I have learnt ways to make a difference in the life of others just as much as mine by being a better version of me, starting with excellency of character and of heart. I cultivated both grace and power in the hope of finding balance and fulfilment by establishing boundaries and being more flexible, by being kind and clement whilst holding firmly position in what I believed, yet with an open mind. The only way to master the art of excellency is through …

Appreciating it all

If all you said was thank you, it would be enough. Having a grateful heart whilst working towards your goals is one of the most powerful tools you could ever come across. It lets you acknowledge how lucky you are to have what you have, to not take things or people for granted. A person can either be around you and do things for you because they love you or because they fear you, both are forms of powerful interactions. If you have ever been an employee per example, you may have seen different dynamics: the boss you cared to please because you knew your work as truly appreciated OR the boss you did things for with slight resentment because you had to do your job.  

At the end of the day, I would much rather be an amazing human being that inspires people to do good by doing good rather than someone threatening. I’d rather have people fearing to deceive me than people fearing me, because the outcome of one comes from a positive place and the other is not. By saying thank you, people are more likely to feel appreciated for their effort and therefore give more, because they know you see them and acknowledge their work and value. 


Boundaries is a very trendy word at the moment for a thousand excellent reasons, but first and foremost, it is all about respect. Respect for yourself and others and your environnement, respect for the things you can or can not see. We are all human at the end of the day, but people with excellency of the heart are a rare breed. They respect others and themselves no matter what they are doing, wherever they are going and whomever with. They treat the CEO and the janitor in the same manner, they make an effort to listen and to understand, to use words of kindness and praise. They say and do what they need to because they know there is a place for everyone to shine, room for every discussion to happen in a gracious manner and time to take the time for everything that matters. They consider the other and what surrounds them. 

Encouraging change

Most people do not do what they should do simply because they underestimate what they can do and overestimate what they are actually doing. Read it again. People of excellent heart and character are leaders by example because they believe excellence can be encouraged, they will smile to others, pushing them in the right direction. They will listen and take the time to find the right words to help with any issue, they recognize good and ensure it does not go unnoticed, they praise effort and results no matter how small the improvements might be. They share positive thoughts and words of praise as soon as they cross their minds. They present the world by what it does good instead of what needs work on, not by turning a blind eye on issues but rather to inforce that excellence never goes unnoticed. 


Excellence comes from empowerment, of yourself and others, it’s meaningful and conscious praise of the good whilst acknowledging what could be better and fueling it with the confidence that capacities come through experiences. Excellency of the heart through empowerment comes by acting with transparency and honesty, being sincere. It is about leaving no one behind ( thank you lilo and stitch for this life lesson ). It is about keeping your word and supporting others when they need it. It is about nurturing and applauding talents. It is about giving thoughtfully, words, smiles, gifts, presence, time. It’s projecting positivity enough to share your warmth with others. It’s about sharing light and love and food and kindnesses, because that is what makes the world go around. 

If all I gained was a better heart and a better mind, I’d always consider myself a winner, no matter the outcome or the experience. Remember you have the power to embody excellence everyday through yes thorough actions towards your goals but also towards others and yourself. Choose carefully who you are and embrace excellency as the only standard by which you act. What is your most precious excellent advice ? 

THank you for reading us and being your most excellent self, you make the world better for it. For what it’s worth, 

I see you, 

Xx Your Boldest Friend

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