The secret of a good routine

The city is a hectic place to live, it hardly ever stops. I wake up at 2 AM to hear the people down every street corner, laughing, or car’s horn, honking. Whether I go down to the main place to work at 7 AM or at 9PM, the energy is different but not paced. Resting becomes second nature and yet everyday feels like vacation. Through this newest rhythm, I learn how to create a routine out of love and hustle. 

If my mind is sharp my heart is soft, as it should be, therefore to feel truly fulfilled and purposeful, I have to balance each in harmony and nourish my inner romantic hustler. As a natural habit, I developed the capacity to romanticise my life, the beauty of the world has never ceased to amaze me and I tend to use it dutifully everyday as an act of mindfulness. 

I pride myself in thinking this new pace of existence will rejoice me truly, but yet I have not found my groove in the city. Humans normally offer resistance to change, I thought I would welcome this one with open arms. Surprisingly enough, my arms seem full with the weight of this change, juggling every new aspect of this adventure. Even more reasons to reinvent my routine and refocus my priorities. 

I now rise with the sun, as the day filters through the white blinders of my bedroom, I start the day grateful. I affirm to myself and to life what I want and am lucky to have, I meditate on it and let myself come back in place of love, mindfulness and gratefulness. I then put on a nice dress to walk down the streets with my dog at my feet, my pen and paper in my hands. I give my most charming smile to the barista and wait for my coffee, already lost in my head full of dreams, small latte oat milk, it never changes. I always take time to visualize in the morning before working on anything, it’s a ritual, a whole part of my routine that I can never seem to skip. Sitting down I put my dreams into thoughts and my thoughts into words that I lay down on paper. Like a contract to myself, a promise to be kept, black on white, I fill the pages with the world I imagine and the version of me I only can create.

I proceed to make a list of the most important things that need to be done on that day and then I read for a little while, giving myself food for thought. I take great pride in learning new things and make out of it a priority each day. By that time I will start to feel the need to move my body, so I will go back to my place and workout for an hour or so, then I will excitedly direct myself to the kitchen so I can be even kinder to my body. I now have a very clean diet, I eat no processed food or so and I rejoice in more natural and balanced eating habits than ever before from which I already reap the benefits. I will hop and shower, I try to go as cold as one can and be rather swift with my selfcare routine. I however make certain every centimeter of my body is taken care of (a very french way of loving myself I guess).

Photo by Sunsetoned

Hair in a bun, coffee brewing and task list out, I sit at my desk for the next hours, walking around the house or down the streets when I can’t seem to focus anymore and I need to regroup my thoughts. I go through every task methodically and make sure everything is done in time. I take great satisfaction when I check off every box and go to bed at night knowing I have given my very best. I make sure to drink plenty of water during the day ensuring an hydrated brain. I tirelessly pursue refinement throughout the hours of the clock, I use gentility and courtesy in meetings, agreeable manners throughout my encounters and try to be unforgettably kind and understanding with people working with me whilst pushing them towards excellence. I stay grounded on my core values of unconditional love for the world surrounding me with its people and the value of excellence – striving for it in every single instant, the art of not settling and of expecting nothing but the best. I also make time for people I love and be mindful of the moment. I may be doing only one thing at the time but when I am doing it I am doing it at 100%.   

Therefore, I guess this is how I build my routine. I plan on gratefulness and abundance, I focus on conquering every minute so that at the end of the day, I have hustled my way through the hours. I try to remain inspired, because who is inspired is inspiring. Not everyday will come with motivation and this is why your routine needs to resemble the person you are trying to be and not how you’re motivated during the day. Only habits will carry you but motivation will fluctuate. Success is steady, often slow paced, but it comes when consistency is shown, and so here we are, finding ourselves in routines that make our hearts, minds and bodies bloom so we can, after all, achieve it all. Do not limit yourself. You can do anything, we all have the same amount of time in a day, what will differentiate you from the rest, is the way you display resilience and discipline. Find your own definition of perfection and follow through it, meditate on it, find groove in it, find yourself in it and strive for it. Nothing else but you, and your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize.

For what it’s, 

I believe in you 

Xx Your boldest friend. 

Photo by Olya Kobruseva

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