4 years of lessons

I have been writing for you for 4 years. There are a lot of things that I have learnt and so much more left to learn, I am febrile with anticipation of what the future holds, for you, for me, for us.

In 4 years I have launched two successful companies, fallen in love, fell out of it, I have been incredibly happy and tremendously hurt, I have won and I have struggled, I have lost and I have grown. I learnt the meaning of grace and of confidence, I have taught myself so much about determination and inspiration and I have shared it all with you so here is, in a neatly done wrap of 4 lessons that the last 4 years taught me.

Photo by Nadezhda Diskant

There might be many struggles ahead of you but there are many more opportunities.

It is only once I had lost so much that I gained that much. Sometimes we get tunnel vision about our lives but when you expand your reality, you welcome more experiences and more blessings. They say everything happens for a reason, and I guess somehow it is very much true, nothing that has ever happened to me, no matter how bad, I am not grateful for today. I learnt from the hardship that growth is the process through which we must face obstacles with grace and gratefulness. Take a chance on what life has to offer you and know that through everything you go through, you plant the seeds of a garden you’ll someday have flowers from.

There are times to fight and times to let go.

I am not someone who really knows how to give up, on people or on things I want, I am always willing to fight a little longer, a little harder and push until I have nothing left. I KNOW I am not the only one with such traits, we often create this whole character of resistance on ideas and principles that you can get anything with enough effort … unfortunately, people are not like that. Sometimes, you have to let go. Your body aches at the thought of it and your soul trembles at the immensity of the hole they will leave in your heart once you will finally let it be. But grief is a much better teacher than joy ever will be, pain teaches flowers to grow in the midst of chaos, and there is peace after a storm. 

The only payback worth giving is none

We do not take revenge on the wrongs that have been done to us, we move on. That is the only way I have learnt to gracefully pull myself away. I gather all my pain, and my rage and make out of it an armure to go through the days when my heart sinks. I let myself live my emotions in private, I make space for them knowing that forgiveness is the ultimate gift to myself and that feelings are natural. More often than not, releasing your inhibitions is the only way to let the light in, living your life with arms wide open and heart full of love is the most effective way to move forward and to write a story you are proud of. 

Do not be sad if you have loved or treated kindly the wrong person, be proud, proud that you opened your heart and be excited, because loving and kindness will be recurring, you will find someone out there for you and you will attract kinder days. You were courageous and beautiful in your feelings and that is all that matters. Sensitivity is a strength, do not let weak people tell you otherwise. 

You are the only creator of your reality  

You’re unstoppable, your thoughts and your actions are the intricate steps that direct your path. Be wise and be mindful of how you navigate your life. Life is an amalgam of choices and decisions mixed with a whole lot of beautiful things, but still. You are the one choosing how you act and react, you are the artist of your days, make sure they come out as colourful as you envisioned it. You can do absolutely anything, anything you can imagine you can achieve, write down what you want to, make a list of what you have to do to attain it and do one thing everyday. One thing, you’ll change your whole life much faster than you could have imagined. Consistency beats talent every time


4 years and 4 lessons, I am looking forward to what is to come. You can and will achieve all your dreams, it only is a matter of time. Have faith, work hard, keep your eyes on the prize and remain graceful, 

For what it’s worth, 

I believe in you


Your boldest friend

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