Things we leave in 2021

Dear 2022, may you be good to me.

2022 came in full swing, my heart beats chamade as I write between two cups of coffee and the laughter of my sisters. Life is about to change, I can feel it, deep in my bones, it lingers in me, boils in my veins, and just like that I know, I am going places, places only change can bring me.

Change, the most dreadfully exciting word of all. Of all the things I adore, change comes close to first when I look back on my life, it has brought its storms and yet has been the biggest factor of growth of my gardens. New year means new beginnings, for one I strongly believe there is a lot to say goodbye to as this new year arrives, this list will hopefully inspire the change you want to see in your life as your yearly decluttering starts and the challenge they inspire.

In 2022, I vow to let go of …

Not having a routine

Let us be honest, the time as come for you to get a routine for the life you aspire to live if it is not already in motion. You must put yourself first and have a routine that provides a strong base for you to be healthy inside out, to be rich inside out, to be beautiful inside out. It is your most important duty of all, habits are the roots of success in anything. You will not get lucky, you must work on it.


The days we were ungrateful for what we had are now over, we wake up and go to bed with our hearts filled with gratefulness and graciousness for the life we are currently living. With gratitude, one will acknowledge the goodness in their lives. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can change and enrich your life. It’s also an important part of connecting with others on a deeper level, which has been shown to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities alike. Research suggests that being grateful may help reduce stress levels as well as enhance physical pain relief by increasing positive emotions such as happiness or serenity during difficult times. This can be done through acknowledging what we have and thanking others for what they do provide to us as well as by recognizing when things go wrong or aren’t going right. In addition to feeling grateful, it is important that we practice self-care more seriously – this year we are not overwhelmed with negativity nor taking ourselves too seriously.


Junk Food. Junk Thoughts. Home Junk. Junk in all forms. This year we let it go, we are becoming more in an healthy body, mind and environment. Without health there is nothing, that is a harsh truth but one we must all hear.

Not dressing for the life you want

It is time to look the part. Feel yourself.

A day without purpose

Set your intentions of what you want to achieve today, set your standards higher, know where you want to go or learn to get to know. This goes on a much deeper level. Purpose goes hand in hand with your highest self. Fall in love again with your uniqueness and do something bold everyday. Go to bed with the satisfaction that you moved forward today. The more specific we can be about our goals and the better understanding we have of them, the clearer the steps that need taking and things that must happen for it all come together to show us the path. Asking yourself “What do I really want?” is a good starting point for setting goals and achieving success in life. This year we are self-aware and we move with mindfulness.

Chasing sunshine

Life comes in cycle, it is time we learn to love the rain too.

*all metaphors included*

Bread crums

This year, we are not accepting bread crumbs, we know we deserve the whole bread, the whole bakery even. Communicate your needs and boundaries, and assure that they are met. We have had enough heartache and headaches this year, it is time for us to move on and start settling for what we deserve. You are so worthy, of love, of the life you dream of.


We invest in quality people and in quality items. Let go fo quantity, it is only clutter, this year we build on solid long-term investment & relationships.

One stream of income

We both know I am absolutely right on this one, it is time to stabilise your main stream of income and start investing to get dividends and return on investment. This year, you too are wise with money and are building wealth. If you have a stable source of revenue that covers all the bills then now is the perfect time for you to make some investments. You can choose from stocks or bonds which are low risk but offer high returns if they do well in their market value. You can also for cryptocurrencies with the highest growth rates. Remember saving 5$ to invest it, is better than not investing at all.

Photo by Josh Sorenson

Less than the best

This year we aim for excellence. We do our very best. We tap into our uniqueness and authenticity and we make the most of every opportunity we can get. Allow yourself to do better by making sure you do everything with heart. Giving a 100% in the smallest tasks will get you greater results than doing a thousand things with lack of focus. This year, we are laser sharp with our focus.

Loving with conditions

If one should love something or someone, love without conditions. Yourself included. Love with no strings attached, love purely, love a lot, love freely, love plenty and even a little more. Do not count it, calculate it or overthink it. Just love.

As for myself, I promise not to let you go this year, I’ve got you and you’ve got this.

I believe in you,

May this year be yours,

be ours.


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