4 untold truths about purpose

I observe the world through the eyes of someone who has never seen it before sometimes, I just sit there, and it moves around me while I smile at the way people rush or slow down through their day, I sip my coffee looking at their eyes searching the room for familiar faces or passing rapidly over the words relating the world’s news, and I wonder, “who are you ? and what has this life build you into?” I wonder “do you know how extraordinary you are or am I the only one seeing you for what you truly are?” I guess I will never know, but I hope this article reaches you, I hope it brings you a piece of you you have been looking for, not knowing it was there, all along.

From a very early age we know instantly what we dislike and like, but just like your mother told you to “please, try another bite of broccoli”, the world has moulded you into liking many different things that you may not have been drawn to at first. O the beauty of discovering new outlets and passions may be incommensurable, but the uneasy feeling of doing things we do not like, wearing a mask as the face we present to the world, that is the true mark of unhappiness to many. The feeling of being a misfit has been guiding many to change, aiming to fit in places too small for the room they were meant to take.

We left that in 2021,

this year we tap into our truest highest self.

This year, you are taking the room you need to grow and to be.

The Child In You

This little voice, those impulses of marvel, the things that inhabit your soul, lifts your heart, sparks your curiosity, the things that make butterflies flutter in your stomach as if you were in love, the things that make you feel like ” yes, this who and where I am meant to be”. It soars in you like a hot air balloon and you suddenly are filled with warmth and excitement for the next chapter. Whether you find it in a book, dancing, writing, doing maths, cooking, by the beach or in front of a conference room, you must listen to this little voice inside of you who begs you to be bolder.

It whispers until it screams

It is most likely that if it seems scary and you are looking for excuses not to do something then you are onto something that will fulfil you for the simple fact that if you want to do it but you fear embarrassment or failure, it means you truly care. Listen to the whispers before you wake up someday it is standing there, screaming at you to move forward before it is too late. We most likely regret the things we do not say yes to.


You are not tied, to people, to places, to careers or to situations. Change is the only thing that we can embrace as stable, ironic, isn’t it? No matter how good or how bad it is, just know that it can only change. It does not last forever – a comforting thought. Living in such a world means you must be flexible, avoid being to rigid on anything but your determination, let your life’s calling call you to the places you should be going, say yes to opportunity, welcome change with open arms and embrace the fact that nothing happens for nothing, the way to success is about adaptative behaviours.

Aiming for Mastery

What if purpose is not something you find but a way to do things? We often talk about a life’s task, but truly, people finding their purpose early on are rare. What if instead of looking for purpose we started doing things with purpose? Purposely excellent, purposely kind, purposely mindful, purposely smart. What if we purposely intended to do better. What if whatever we tried we put our whole heart in it ?

Less automatic mode, more purposeful action taking.

“If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for.”
― Thomas Merton

People fear being exactly who they are and tapping into their deepest desires because it is much harder and scarier than fitting into a mould we do not even realize we may be stuck into, but I hope that when you gather the courage to look into a mirror – you see that in the end, what makes you different, is where purpose is.

For what it is worth,

I think you are extraordinary.


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