An article for you, when you need to feel like yourself again

Hi and Welcome,

Torn between the heavy events of the world and yet the fluttering feeling in my stomach, I had a whole theory ready for you, an analysis of people and their behaviours, but then I had a change of heart, rescheduling my worldly analysis and letting the sound of my fingers tap frenetically on the keyboard, following this primarily instinct I have: to write. I had to feel like myself again. My heart is as light as a feather, as deep as an open ocean, it cascades out of me, pours softly into the world, imperishable love. I thought that like an old ship it would eventually sink, it has survived many wars, many bullets, it is bruised and covered in scars, and O, do I look old to you right now, but if you’d see me, you would realize the wrinkles in the corner of my eyes do not match the permanent marks of my heart, somewhere between being 72 and 22 years old, there is me, and I have been bold lately.

This article will not get as many readers hooked, and that is okay, I am not writing it for everyone, I am writing it for “you”, you who has been slightly out of synch with the world lately, you who has been struggling to find a place where to belong, or you who has been wondering where you have been. It is okay, so have I. In the midst of loss, chaos, pain and doubt, here we are. You may need to hear this,

everything will be okay

I know, is this not exactly the type of corny quote you pick up on Pinterest 800 times a day? Yes. Unapologetically, yes, because very truthfully so, everything will be alright. Life happens for you, what you make out of it, is your journey. It has to be enjoyed, the hardship has to be part of the process, and it may be harsh but you have to accept life unconditionally and love it profoundly and make the very most out of it. You are the ONLY creator of your days, be the architect, be the artist, romanticise your path, let life be your best friend and your best teacher.

inaction can only be solved by action

You feel stuck, do something. That is the only antidote to your sorrow. “But I do not know what” no one really knows with certainty that what they will do next will bring them the exact results they are hoping for, no one. It does not stop people from trying however, it does not stop them from being and doing more. That is because there is wisdom in movement, you shall not run everywhere out of b breath, but you shall think an instant and try something. Just do it. Be bold. Do something, but start, start now and make something of today, so you know a little more about what to do tomorrow.

go back, just a little

The things that set your heart on fire, burn you for a reason, they keep you warm when night surrounds you. Go back to that. They are not random, the things that you love are part of who you should be. Learn the language of passion and do more of what you love. Do more of what makes you feel like a better you, like a smarter more gracious version of yourself. the things that excite you, are not haphazardly so, they are part of your gift, of the things you have to give to the world, and so it is your duty to pay attention.

open your heart

Some things can only be felt in sincerity, in softness, in beauty, you open hearts with tenderness not with dynamite. If you have been sheltering yourself from the world in the hopes of not getting hurt, then my dearest, it is time for you to open up. The world is a beautiful place, crude, most of the time unfair, but it holds so much beauty, ready to be welcomed, by you. Let people within your walls, tell your story, wrap your fingers around someone else’s, love a little more, selflessly. Let people surprise you with their gentleness and their kindness. When you open your heart and are willing to love, the world loves you right back.

For what it”s worth,

I love you


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