Reinventing yourself

Here I am, standing at crossroads, choosing between two versions of me, two lives, two pieces of my heart. Certain things never change and others are bound to, I can hear the rain and the piano, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, softly and unapologetically, because it knows deep down what it wants. Fresh beginnings, learning to let go, knowing what you want, learning to listen to where life calls you, oh the delight of not being too attached to who you have been, to let clarity creep on you like the sun crawls upon the horizon, brushing your thoughts and your actions, anchoring into your values … purpose in each of your breaths, o my dearest friend, I hope you find such clarity.

Reinventing yourself, your life, your brand, what a romantic term, what a scary one too. There are a million reasons why you could want this, from heartbreak to massive changes, feeling stuck or the taste of adventure, the need or the desire, whatever it may be, there are not so many ways you can achieve this, but there are many improvements you can start by.

On Clarity, having vision

We often get this question “but what if it is unclear what I want” not everything in life is set in stone, but there has to be somehow some things that remain important to you. More often than not, vision is not only about us, you may want to live within wealth and it is respectable, but purpose is bigger than yourself, seeking to see what you want to bring to this world, how you want to leave rooms you have walked in, how you want to leave people once you have connected with them, what are your values and who you are at the core. Pay attentions to the things that you like, they are not random, let your passions and talent guide you to places you could not foresee. Make sure the people around you do not drain you and that they uplift you. Follow paths that spark your soul, and take accountability for who you are and where you are going. Reinventing yourself means following a better version of you, self awareness to what you truly want is the very first step.

Focus on the Good

To the grateful heart comes greater blessings. Some things in your life are already amazing for what they are, acknowledge them, keep a journal of them, keep them close to your heart, and give thanks for them every day. Gratitude is a powerful tool that helps you to see the abundance in your life, appreciate all of your blessings, and attract even more abundance and goodness into your life. Gratitude doesn’t just benefit you — it also has a positive impact on the people around you. When you’re grateful, you generate positive energy and gratitude in others, you are your own light.

Gratitude doesn’t just come from noticing things in your life, it also comes in actively working on making your life better. Moreover, if you have a goal, you’re more likely to reach it if you’re grateful for what you have now.

You are your diet

The earlier you understand that you are what you consume, the earlier you will be able to make clearer more purposeful decisions about how you spend your time and how you not only what you eat but also what you read, what you listen to, who you give yourself access to, what you allow in your life. All of these things impact your mental health, your mood, your overall sense of well-being. And the earlier you start making these things conscious choices, the better your life will be. These things all have a cumulative effect, and they either lift you up or they pull you down. It’s as simple as that, and yet it’s something that so many of us either ignore or pretend isn’t true. on’t let the false narrative of “it’s too late” or “there’s no time” keep you from the truth that nothing could be further from the truth. It’s important to curate your life so that you’re surrounded by things that lift you up and bring you closer to your goals. You are what you consume, and you are in control of what you consume.

Clearing out physical clutter

If I told you – get rid of everything – how uncomfortable would you be? When I started this whole lifestory rewriting I was telling myself “I will bring this and that with me”, and then I completely changed my mind, I would bring the bare minimum to my new life and sell the rest. I do not want to be attached to material belongings, I do not want the extra weight and I do not want to carry things that clutter my existence. Decluttering your space and getting rid of things that don’t serve a purpose can have a positive impact on your stress levels, improve your mental health, and even help you sleep better. Cluttered environments have been shown to increase stress levels and produce a sense of chaos and disorder. When your environment feels chaotic, your mind is likely to follow suit. An uncluttered space has the potential to help you improve your mental health, reduce stress levels, and improve your overall quality of life. Decluttering your space can be as simple as getting rid of the things that you don’t use. For example, if you have clothes that no longer fit you or that you haven’t worn in a year, get rid of them. If you have books that you haven’t read in a year, sell them or give them away. And if you have pieces of furniture that you don’t use, get rid of them.

Clearing out the Emotional Clutter

This one may be the hardest but clearing out your emotional clutter is where peace is at, have the conversations, say what you need to say, do not let things weigh you down, make the first move, be the b bigger person, let things go, whatever it takes. Ask yourself the right questions How am I feeling? Why do I feel this way? Is there anything I can change for the better at this moment? Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your feelings, and let yourself feel what you need to feel. Remember that no one can make you feel anything – you have the power to decide how you feel. This is the hardest part of the process, but it is also the most important one. It’s also the most important to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort.

Your Routine

Humans are creatures of habit, your brain naturally looks for the easiest paths to do things, we repeat what we know, it is your responsibility to create a routine that fits the life you are trying to build, it is your responsibility to be consistent with the person you want to become. If you do not have a daily routine, it is difficult to become successful, you are not lazy, it is just how your brain works. It is much easier to create a routine than to try to change your habit. If you have trouble sticking to things, try starting with just 5 minutes per day. It may seem small, but it is something, and it is a start. You do not have to go all or nothing, you do not have to go from 0 to 100. It is a process and a journey. At the end of the day, you are responsible for who you become and how you live your life.

Comfort zone who?

If it scares you, you must certainly do it. That is the law I hold myself to, the things that scare you the most are the most exciting, are the ones that push you to grow, are the choices that your heart longs you to take. An adventure outside your comfort zone will teach you more about yourself than anything else, growth is the process and the constant seeking of opportunities to be a better version of yourself. As humans, we have a strong desire for a sense of accomplishment. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. I think that we all have an innate need to grow and feel like we’re moving forward in life.


The fastest way to go somewhere is to go slow but steady, dwelling has no use and the first thing to do to move is well, to actually move … we are never a 100% ready. We always may feel like we could have done more, or that we could prepare more, but truth is, we all must start somewhere. No matter what your goal is, the first step is always the hardest, but it is usually the most important one. Once you take that first step, the next one comes a lot easier, and before you know it, you are where you wanted to be.


This comes at the very last – plan your next moves, as unclear and exciting the future may be, the things you can plan, sit down and figure out how you will achieve your goals. You can have a vision board, a scrapbook, sticky notes, excel sheets, whatever works for you. The most important thing is to start writing down your goals, and the steps you will follow to achieve them. Keep a journal and record your thoughts and reflections. You might discover something important about yourself or the world around you. Invest in yourself and your future. Explore your interests, find something you are passionate about, and dive deep into it. Stay up to date on the latest discoveries in your field. Keep your mind active and curious. Stay open to new paths and opportunities.

My dearest, the world is your oyster, and it is never to late to rebrand, recreate, reinvent your life, turn to the next chapter and become who you have always wanted, this is it, this is your sign.

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