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After years of empire building ( 🧿 ), it came my way. Miraculously but also wholeheartedly deserved, in the middle of a strange city, in the midst of so many challenges I barely see the end of it, here I am, finding myself altogether, beautifully and in more meaningful ways than ever before. I prayed to be gracious from within for most of my life, a value for which I want to define myself with and live by, and at last, the test of character is starting to make its way to me professionally, spiritually, romantically, and all of spheres of my life, quite radically. As I stepped into a more secure version of myself, more assumed and more peaceful in my decisions, I had quite the few realisations. My day-to-day job is to take businesses from making little money to making big bucks, I become a secret keeper but a hustler by their sides, I take them to the 7 figures by accompanying them on an organic marketing quest of becoming remarkable … I show them how to be iconic and how to scale, and I implement it, ferociously, with them until we see the results we desire (you can start with me if it sparks something in you and you want to take your business or self to some high level).

I graduated from my bachelors in Management and Marketing and from my masters in international Business, I have been fascinated with iconic businesses for as long as I can remember. And that’s when it hit me, if I could do it for businesses, it was maybe time I go through the same steps for myself, after all, who you are, is your most serious business.


Iconicity comes from something indisputably rare, and the only way to be oh so unique is to be oh so authentic. It sounds all very obvious but the clarity through which you see yourself will undoubtedly have a powerful impact on the end result. What are your goals? What are your values by which you act everyday? What are you fighting for? What are your likes? Who are you? What defines you? What shapes you? Which traits of yourself do you like most? Which will you change? All of these questions will give you a stronger sense of who you are, what you embody and where you are going.


That is the fun part, how will you show who you are. Somethings must be incontestably yours. Just like when you watch a character form a movie, or even a celebrity, somethings belong solely to them. It is the style, the way they speak, the things that make them remarkable. My partner is iconic, he is alluring, and mysterious, very silent and discreet but laughs like a child loudly with his head back, he wears a black t-shirt and straight trousers each day, sometimes a polo to change but overall, that is who he is, that is what he is communicating to the world, and he is loved for it as well as recognized for it.


This is how you Connect, how you will be making your mark. Learning to communicate how you are iconic is learning to let people understand (or misunderstand) you. What is your media? What will transport you? Who do you want to surround yourself with and how will you reach them? What will you tell them? What is your message? What is your voice? What are the things you stand for, what do you, can you explain this in a way that will get me hooked?

The Experience

What is it like to experience your presence, what is it like to be blessed by your existence in mine? How do you make people feel? What do you want them to feel? How to you bring peace, joy, love, enlightenment, power – whichever energy – to the table. Raise your vibe high, embody. Once Michelle Obama said that you do not wake up being the best version of yourself, you practice being that person everyday. You do not wake up being hard working, you become hard working by working hard ( her book) And I think this is how you are iconic, by showing up, everyday, being who you want to become.

additional lessons

“do it for yourself, men never notice, you’re the ****** coldest.”

if this was not the lyrics to a viral song, I would have invented it (without curse words), I have been there, doing things for others all the time, not solely to help but also to please, stretching myself so thin because I want to hold the whole world in my arms. My kindness is not my weakness, but I no longer do things I do not want to do in order to please the people I love unless it is something I know will truly have a huge positive impact, I do not try to convince myself to do certain things in order to please. If it does not make me happy to make them happy and it drains me in the process, I stand on my own. I learnt a long time ago that the woman I was was sufficient, and that someday, someone would love me exactly as I was, but I ought to be the very best version of me for me first.

balance power and grace

be all about it, but remain humble. Be the kindest, and give it all you have. Find power in grace and vice versa, be the hardest working, be confident but also be good hearted and equanimous. Learning how to be iconic is learning how to balance your strengths and softness, your character and your heart.

what you want and what you do not want are close to equally important

Sometimes we forget, that the things we absolutely do not want, can also move us forward in terms of effort and boundaries. Keep your head clear.

if you play small, you stay small

if you want to win big, you have to think big. That applies to your marketing strategy as much as it does to your own self. If you want to grow your business and reach more customers, you need a bold and memorable marketing strategy that puts you above the rest. There are many different ways to go about doing this, but to be put above the rest, you need to play above the rest.

results speak more than design

The way you look : important, I think we are fools to think that people do not notice the way we look or that it does not say anything about our personality, but I also think that it is by actions that we prove ourselves. just like a business’s commitment to achieve certain results, you should have the same devotion towards your iconicity.

I hope you feel inspired, as autumn swirls in, this new season, I hope you let it be a new season of your life too.

I believe in you,

xx AMH

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