Reinventing yourself

1. On Clarity, having vision 2. Focus on the good 3. you are your diet 4. physical declutter 5. emotional declutter 6. your routine 7. getti

An article for you, when you need to feel like yourself again

Hi and Welcome, Torn between the heavy events of the world and yet the fluttering feeling in my stomach, I had a whole theory ready for you, an analysis of people and their behaviours, but then I had a change of heart, rescheduling my worldly analysis and letting the sound of my fingers tap frenetically… Continue reading An article for you, when you need to feel like yourself again

How to be more gracious – 5 lessons to learn

some people may find this is hard to believe, but, as someone who has lived through life head held high, I know for a fact that when you forgive, you heal, and when you let go, you grow. Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving, we forgive for others, for ourselves, for the sake… Continue reading How to be more gracious – 5 lessons to learn

How to be loved forever?

Last year I wrote my most read articles ever on this blog at this exact date. On valentines day, I sat at the same spot in a coffee shop, my heart full of hope - hope for the love I was longing to give myself, for the love I was longing to give to someone… Continue reading How to be loved forever?

Things we leave in 2021

Dear 2022, may you be good to me. 2022 came in full swing, my heart beats chamade as I write between two cups of coffee and the laughter of my sisters. Life is about to change, I can feel it, deep in my bones, it lingers in me, boils in my veins, and just like… Continue reading Things we leave in 2021

a note on letting go

Life is drinking my coffee in the morning, writing this text as the autumn swirls into our lives, shaking tree’s leaves, leaving behind the feeling of a new beginning. Life is eye flirting with the barista, it is smiling at the little girl and her mother sitting across me, or even the faint scent of… Continue reading a note on letting go

4 years of lessons

I have been writing for you for 4 years. There are a lot of things that I have learnt and so much more left to learn, I am febrile with anticipation of what the future holds, for you, for me, for us. In 4 years I have launched two successful companies, fallen in love, fell… Continue reading 4 years of lessons

The secret of a good routine

The city is a hectic place to live, it hardly ever stops. I wake up at 2 AM to hear the people down every street corner, laughing, or car’s horn, honking. Whether I go down to the main place to work at 7 AM or at 9PM, the energy is different but not paced. Resting… Continue reading The secret of a good routine