Christmas Mood Season is upon Us…

#fridayswithSeb Hiya my little munchkins. I hope you enjoyed the month of October in all its cosiness. I hope you had time to make awesome memories with your loved ones and that you had the chance to rejuvenate yourself and feel the air getting colder. I had an article prepared for you, but as I… Continue reading Christmas Mood Season is upon Us…

A thesis on perception and open-mindedness – Part 2

Hiya Munchkins, #FridayswithSeb Long time no see. I hope the month of September was not too painful and that most of you got to do the things they wanted to do. It is not because the world is slowing down that it stops you from achieving your goals. The proof is the world flew at… Continue reading A thesis on perception and open-mindedness – Part 2

Is It Better to Speak or Die ?

Hiya Munchkins,   #FridayWithSEB I hope this article reaches you in good health, both mentally and physically. I would not say how I feel exactly,  since every day since the beginning of the year seems to be a surprise, but I am healthy, happy and in control of the things I can control. All is well… Continue reading Is It Better to Speak or Die ?

The Golden Rule and You

Hiya munchkins. How are you all doing? I am just oh so good and fantastic. Really, I promise. Things seem to have changed in my life in the last weeks. Last month’s article wasn’t the brightest of them all but I am better and healthier and excited to talk to you guys as always. By… Continue reading The Golden Rule and You

Sing, Sleep and Sorbet

#fridayswithSeb  Hiya Munchkins.  I sometimes wish I had the ability to speak to y’all more often, for a month seems long, especially these days, but here I am. This time, I am not going to tackle any environmental issues or relate musicals to life’s situations, though I might slide in some words. Now what I’m… Continue reading Sing, Sleep and Sorbet

Put on a happy face

#FridaysWithSeb Hiya Munchkins.  I hope you are all well,  happy and safe in your houses as the times are critical outside.  I am so happy to talk to you and share with you the many things I am about to bestow to you. Now I am not going to lie, I have had a tough… Continue reading Put on a happy face

Seasons of Love and Life

#FridayWithSeb Hiya munchkins.  Seb here, I love LOVE. There, I said it  Always have. I am a sucker for a good cheesy over the top rom-com; Ryan Gosling kind of movie-loving put in a mix of Noah Centineo, a slice of young Chad Michael Murray, a taste of Paul Rudd and it’s in the bag. … Continue reading Seasons of Love and Life

How to defy gravity – a lifestyle reflexion

Hiya munchkins and happy Friday.  Welcome to my brain. This article will be a mess … or not. It will be clear … or not. It has a message or … not. IT DEFINITELY HAS A PURPOSE. I might say things I mean … or not. I re-read my work, erased things, discussed out loud… Continue reading How to defy gravity – a lifestyle reflexion

2020: Do not throw away your shot

Hi, my favourite hooman beans and munchkins. I hope the holidays are treating you well and that you are taking as much time as you need to rejuvenate yourself. I always love that time because of its smell, colours, lights, ambience, there is something unnoticeable yet palpable in the air whenever the holidays arrive. People… Continue reading 2020: Do not throw away your shot

Who is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? – Analogy

Two months ago, I wrote an article on how to open one’s mind to the world surrounding him/her through an analogy with the musical comedy called Wicked. Today, I bring what I would call the second part of that ideology but through the eyes and notions surrounding the themes in Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic novel… Continue reading Who is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? – Analogy