No pressure

#MondayWithAimée It’s Thursday. I need to hand in this article tomorrow. These are the first two lines that I wrote and I wrote them because well, you have to get started somewhere. In the past week, I had many ideas for this blog post. Yet, none of them seemed right. I know an idea isn’t… Continue reading No pressure

Introverting at its finest

#MondayWithAimée Life has taken a weird toll on all of us. Like the weirdest…but at least it’s on all of us. Which means it’s so much easier to have compassion and to understand what everyone else is going through because we are personally also going through it. At least, that’s the way I want to… Continue reading Introverting at its finest

The Wonders of Journaling

#MondayWithAimée During the self-isolating time, I spent some time decluttering my room and my desk and I found multiple half-empty journals hidden. Am I the only one who owns at least 15 notebooks that are half used, but each is kept preciously in a safe space for when I will need them? It’s like I… Continue reading The Wonders of Journaling

Reading fiction is hella cool

#MondayWithAimée Let’s start this off with a little backstory. I am a reader. Like a hardcore bookworm. I’m not even sure where it came from, but I remember my mom reading me bedtime Bible stories and making a low voice for God, and it made me laugh a lot. I remember making up stories with… Continue reading Reading fiction is hella cool

Find your people

#MondayWithAimée Deserted on an island. Alone on your own little piece of land, with nothing else to see than water for miles and miles. Your island is great. Food, water, shelter, safety. You have everything you need in order to survive, except that you’re alone. There is no one to laugh with you, to cry… Continue reading Find your people

Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

#MondaywithAimée Last week we dived into the world of problematic fiction. Let’s dive in a little deeper before we come back out for air with a solution to all the problems we, or should I say I, have created. It is no secret that men in romcoms are fictional junk food. Rom-com creators are fully… Continue reading Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

Fictional Junk Food – Part One: How Fiction Can Be Bad For You

#MondayWithAimée Do you have a favorite piece of fiction? Can you think of a book, a movie, a play, a song, an opera that creates both sparkles and bubbles simultaneously inside you? I’m sure there is somewhere, in the back of your mind, carefully stored in your heart, a piece of fiction you always go… Continue reading Fictional Junk Food – Part One: How Fiction Can Be Bad For You

And The Oscar Goes To …

#MondayWithAimée It’s been quite a while, huh, sweethearts? I decided to take a moment off to focus on what was important during the Holidays. I think you will all agree that it was a sensible decision and you will forgive me for it. Now let’s get right back on track. My last post of 2019… Continue reading And The Oscar Goes To …

Soothing art over the Holidays

#MondayWithAimée Christmas is right around the corner and I thought it was the perfect time to pause my usual program to cook you an artistic list for the winter break. I don’t know how you take time off. We all have different methods of relaxing and unplugging. My advice to you is simple: just do… Continue reading Soothing art over the Holidays

The art of living alive

#MondayWithAimée A few days ago, I went to a concert. It was the second time in six months I had seen this show, yet I was still in awe. It was a music show, but the man – one of my favourite Quebecois artists – talks and jokes a lot as well. It is simply… Continue reading The art of living alive