Reputation 101 (part 2) – how to talk with elegance and be a great conversationalist

Communication skills are often the base of any good reputation, and although every single one of us is different, we do have to have a certain elegance to maintain a successful conversation and be a great conversationalist.  lesson no.1: if you want to be a great conversationalist, be a good listener. Turning the conversation on… Continue reading Reputation 101 (part 2) – how to talk with elegance and be a great conversationalist

A list of the essentials to be well-groomed at all times.

Body - Wednesday’s are always a reflection of what we see in the mirror - a reflection of our boldest self. Half the week just passed and if only we exhaled a little more confidence, we’d put ourselves a little more out there. Let’s face it, we are not about to build a reputation of… Continue reading A list of the essentials to be well-groomed at all times.

4 secrets to look your best

As we build our dream life, we realize bodies are the first thing we ever present to others. their the recipient of our minds and the envelope to the depts of our heart. Not always gracious we stumble in the world with a little bit of envy for the ones that look better. Fortunately, we… Continue reading 4 secrets to look your best

How to start being a leader

"Sometimes all you need is a day under the sun, sometimes all you need is to be your own sun. " They say to have success, yo have to be the leader, we say to be the leader, you have to prove yourself that you are the leader. You can tell yourself you're the leader… Continue reading How to start being a leader

Chocolatine’s theory on discipline

To be the best version of yourself is to understand how to do what is right instead of what we feel like, it’s a simple habit yet it is one of the hardest to develop when you lack it. Discipline. If discipline is the heart of success then I needed to understand how it worked,… Continue reading Chocolatine’s theory on discipline

A new way of loving yourself

Love yourself. Here, loving yourself does not mean : love your face, your body, and your personality - for all you are. It is important, but there is more. Love yourself enough to do what is right for you. Skipping the gym and eating unhealthy because you love who you are and how you look… Continue reading A new way of loving yourself