Soothing art over the Holidays

#MondayWithAimée Christmas is right around the corner and I thought it was the perfect time to pause my usual program to cook you an artistic list for the winter break. I don’t know how you take time off. We all have different methods of relaxing and unplugging. My advice to you is simple: just do… Continue reading Soothing art over the Holidays

How to get your momentum back – full process #worksheet

To my dearest friend - I looked at him, he seemed different, not sad, just not as sparkling. Like flat champagne. It didn’t make him less of himself but it felt like he was missing something. He told me how he felt defocused and uninspired. He asked me what to do and the only thing… Continue reading How to get your momentum back – full process #worksheet

Who is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? – Analogy

Two months ago, I wrote an article on how to open one’s mind to the world surrounding him/her through an analogy with the musical comedy called Wicked. Today, I bring what I would call the second part of that ideology but through the eyes and notions surrounding the themes in Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic novel… Continue reading Who is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? – Analogy

On the importance of environment – an artist’s perception

 #MondayWithAimée By the time you’ll be reading this, my autumn break will be over and school will be right back on track for the last few weeks before the end of the semester. Life will resume after a short, needed break. Frankly, I have mixed feelings about going back to school. For one, I enjoy… Continue reading On the importance of environment – an artist’s perception

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The art of careful selection – the secret to success

Living an elegant and successful life really comes down to one simple rule: careful selection.  It is one rule. Hard to master, yet ô so important. If you want to pull all the strings together and let the world wonder how you do it, you somehow need to figure it out. Gladly, we do have… Continue reading The art of careful selection – the secret to success

Minimalistic back to school

 #FridayWithSeb  Hiya munchkins! It’s Seb, I am back again on the  #boldblog with yet another article on… drum roll - for originality- … back to school!  In fact, I want to go deeper with you on the aspect of “back to school” theme. I am certain of your awareness with the “Back to School” enigma.… Continue reading Minimalistic back to school

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Letter from the editor – Ever Hopeful

THIS MONTH we focus on you - as we always do. July, warm days and summer flames for side hustles and big dreams. Under the sun and behind your big shades, we found it perfect to encourage you in your pursuit to perfection - your own kind of perfection. This month we focus on finding… Continue reading Letter from the editor – Ever Hopeful