How to build a safeplace

#MondayWithAimée Lovely Monday morning, sweethearts! My life has been a whirlwind recently. In short, in two weeks, I’ve moved out of my house, started my second year of university online, moved back in with 7 new people in my house, and adapted to living with five kids aged 9 to 2. I’m sure you’ve gone… Continue reading How to build a safeplace

The truth behind the art of dreaming bigger

If your dreams don't scare you, it's because they are too small- Richard Branson  #byBéka Success in your life can be defined as the pursuit of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.  It can be achieved when you try your best in all aspects of your life,  even if that doesn’t lead to… Continue reading The truth behind the art of dreaming bigger

Is It Better to Speak or Die ?

Hiya Munchkins,   #FridayWithSEB I hope this article reaches you in good health, both mentally and physically. I would not say how I feel exactly,  since every day since the beginning of the year seems to be a surprise, but I am healthy, happy and in control of the things I can control. All is well… Continue reading Is It Better to Speak or Die ?

On the importance of environment – an artist’s perception

 #MondayWithAimée By the time you’ll be reading this, my autumn break will be over and school will be right back on track for the last few weeks before the end of the semester. Life will resume after a short, needed break. Frankly, I have mixed feelings about going back to school. For one, I enjoy… Continue reading On the importance of environment – an artist’s perception

Minimalistic back to school

 #FridayWithSeb  Hiya munchkins! It’s Seb, I am back again on the  #boldblog with yet another article on… drum roll - for originality- … back to school!  In fact, I want to go deeper with you on the aspect of “back to school” theme. I am certain of your awareness with the “Back to School” enigma.… Continue reading Minimalistic back to school