Put on a happy face

#FridaysWithSeb Hiya Munchkins.  I hope you are all well,  happy and safe in your houses as the times are critical outside.  I am so happy to talk to you and share with you the many things I am about to bestow to you. Now I am not going to lie, I have had a tough… Continue reading Put on a happy face

Introverting at its finest

#MondayWithAimée Life has taken a weird toll on all of us. Like the weirdest…but at least it’s on all of us. Which means it’s so much easier to have compassion and to understand what everyone else is going through because we are personally also going through it. At least, that’s the way I want to… Continue reading Introverting at its finest

The Wonders of Journaling

#MondayWithAimée During the self-isolating time, I spent some time decluttering my room and my desk and I found multiple half-empty journals hidden. Am I the only one who owns at least 15 notebooks that are half used, but each is kept preciously in a safe space for when I will need them? It’s like I… Continue reading The Wonders of Journaling

Two options: EVOLVE or REPEAT

 #byBeka Positive emotions: the main ingredient to happiness Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone is worthy of a life they are excited about.  I think the state of “being happy” is a gigantic equation of all the choices you make. It’s the results of the thoughts, the words, the choices, the actions and most importantly… Continue reading Two options: EVOLVE or REPEAT

How to take a gracious revenge ?

Hi and welcome,  As your boldest friend I must start by “yes, you read right”.  We are about to take the most elegant revenge of all times.  If you have been truly hurt and you are boiling to the point where working on yourself is almost an impossible task, then it is because you need… Continue reading How to take a gracious revenge ?

Find your people

#MondayWithAimée Deserted on an island. Alone on your own little piece of land, with nothing else to see than water for miles and miles. Your island is great. Food, water, shelter, safety. You have everything you need in order to survive, except that you’re alone. There is no one to laugh with you, to cry… Continue reading Find your people

Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

#MondaywithAimée Last week we dived into the world of problematic fiction. Let’s dive in a little deeper before we come back out for air with a solution to all the problems we, or should I say I, have created. It is no secret that men in romcoms are fictional junk food. Rom-com creators are fully… Continue reading Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

Where to start your personal development journey?

One of the questions we often get is where to actually start a successful personal development journey. Where do I start my education?  Because your levelling up journey is composed of your environment, your energy or your education, representing your body, your soul and your mind, you have to include the three of them to… Continue reading Where to start your personal development journey?

Fictional Junk Food – Part One: How Fiction Can Be Bad For You

#MondayWithAimée Do you have a favorite piece of fiction? Can you think of a book, a movie, a play, a song, an opera that creates both sparkles and bubbles simultaneously inside you? I’m sure there is somewhere, in the back of your mind, carefully stored in your heart, a piece of fiction you always go… Continue reading Fictional Junk Food – Part One: How Fiction Can Be Bad For You