The art of charisma and influence

If you have read how to have influence and wondered ''okay, but how do I attract people around me, how do I develop charisma so that the world can’t get enough of me, how do I develop my own signature influence?'' We have your back, from Hepburn to Gates, we have uncoded what they all… Continue reading The art of charisma and influence

I always have an agenda

Is it bad to say I want to be part of the elite, to say I want to change the world ? Is it bad to strive to be of the greatest ? To strive for excellence ? To strive for perfection? I mean, not in a way that I would make a spectacle of… Continue reading I always have an agenda

Believe in Yourself

I mean, that's pretty easy to say. We all use that sentence. We distribute it to friends, family and even ourselves once in a while. But in your everyday life, do you really believe that? Do you really believe that you actually believe in yourself? Do you believe in you? You do have to admit… Continue reading Believe in Yourself