Scared to fail?

It's much scarier to fail than to succeed, and that should be enough, don't you agree? Over time some of us develop this "syndrome" of pushing away anything that causes pain, the overall cause of the "syndrome" is that your brain wants to protect you from anything that could hurt you. Your brain will analyze… Continue reading Scared to fail?

I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

Can you imagine a world in which words had the power to change your life if only you had the audacity of pronouncing them? I never was a big believer until I finaly saw the product of its audacity on somebody. “I was in debts for over 20 000 $, I was living in my… Continue reading I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

Walking lights

Some people draw attention silently. They're not loud and they never make a spectacle of themselves. Some people are just there and you can't help but notice them in all their gracefulness. It's unexplainable yet admirable. There is something in the way they blush, something in the way they get excited when they speak about… Continue reading Walking lights

Morning Mantra

Sometimes, I feel like doing things that are greater than me, that will require more of me, and I get scared because I already find it hard to keep up with my own self. Yet, something tells me that I can do more. That I can be more and it drives me insane to waste… Continue reading Morning Mantra

Loser or Winner

Take on yourself. I mean, why do you keep waking up late and going to bed at impossible hours if it's not a good path to success? Why do you keep eating unhealthy food if you know it's not what your body needs to be at its best? Why do you keep wasting time if… Continue reading Loser or Winner

A new way of loving yourself

Love yourself. Here, loving yourself does not mean : love your face, your body, and your personality - for all you are. It is important, but there is more. Love yourself enough to do what is right for you. Skipping the gym and eating unhealthy because you love who you are and how you look… Continue reading A new way of loving yourself